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2015 negotiation sessions

In the spotlight: Letter from Beyond 2015 to Amina Mohammed, thanking her for the UN's leadership and engagement after the adoption of the post-2015 agenda outcome document. Responses sent to  Leo WilliamsAndrew GriffithsPhilipp Schonrock and Naiara Costa (respectively Beyond 2015 Director, Co-Chairs and Advocacy Director)

General timeline

Click here to view the dates of all the post-2015 intergovernmental negotiation sessions and high-level debates in 2015.

Session by sesssion resources

Click on the links below to view session summaries and discussion documents, together with Beyond 2015's position papers, webinars (notes / recordings), side events and statements for the sessions. 

Post-2015 UN Summit 

25-27 Sept. 2015

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Session 7 & 8

(20-24 and 27-31 July 2015)

Outcome document

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Session 6 (22-25 June 2015)

Outcome document

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Session 5 (18-22 May 2015)

Follow up and Review

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Session 4 (20-24 April 2015)

Means of Implementation and Global Partnership for Sustainable Development 

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‚ÄčSession 3 (23-27 March 2015)

Sustainable Development Goals, Targets and Indicators 

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Session 2 (17-20 February 2015)


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Session 1 (19-21 January 2015)


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Modalities of the 2015 negotiations

Beyond 2015's recommendations for strong civil society participation in the negotiation process of the post-2015 agenda