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Beyond 2015 Focus States / Supportive States Initiative

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First phase (March - December 2014): the "Supportive States Project"

The first phase of the project focused on championing the campaign’s conceptual values for the post-2015 framework in seven countries from Africa (Kenya), Asia (Indonesia, South Korea), Latin America (Colombia), Europe (Denmark) and the Pacific (Kiribati and Western Samoa). The selection was based on research, evidence from a number of intelligence tools, mappings, papers and meeting reports, consultations with Beyond 2015 Regional Coordinators, Executive Committee members and others.

Second phase (April - September 2015): the "Focus States Project"

The second phase focused additionally on securing government support for the campaign’s positions on the post-2015 agenda, building political will to implement the new agenda, and creating opportunities for civil society to participate in its delivery – in line with Beyond 2015's Policy to Action shift in March 2015. Seven countries participated in this phase: Kenya, Indonesia, South Korea, Colombia, Kiribati, Western Samoa, Zimbabwe.