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Beyond 2015 Pacific

Click here to visit the Beyond 2015 Pacific Facebook page.

IMPORTANT: The Beyond 2015 Asia hub is no longer operational since October 2015.

The Beyond 2015 Regional Coordination in the Pacific was hosted by PIANGO (Pacific Islands Association of NGOs).

Check PIANGO's website or the Beyond 2015 Pacific Facebook page for news on the campaign's actions in the Pacific. Highlights are included below:

  • Coordination of lead agency and Focus States Project activities, including inputs to Beyond 2015 papers
  • Dissemination of Beyond 2015 messages to Pacific Island government representatives and National Lead Agencies
  • Convening of forums in several countries bringing together civil society and government leaders to discuss the post-2015 agenda and Beyond 2015 messages/papers
  • Many efforts to promote Beyond 2015 messages in the media and to include media professionals in the development debate (e.g. advocacy program on Facebook and Twitter; radio programs in PNG/Kiribati/New Zealand; media dialogues convened in Fiji, Solomon Islands & Kiribati)
  • RC attendance to post-2015 negotiation sessions and key global events (e.g. January 2015 post-2015 intergovernmental negotiation session in New York, March 2015 World Social Forum in Tunis, 5th Micronesian Non-Profit Congress in Guam in May 2015, UN Summit in September 2015)
  • RC mission to Kiribati in May with PIANGO Communications Coordinator, to meet with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of National Planning, the Ministry of Women & Social Welfare, and civil society actors within Kiribati
  • Pacific Winding Down meeting in Fiji (19-20 October 2015) 


  • Watch Emele Duitutaraga, CEO of PIANGO interviewed in April 2014 on Fiji One News about PIANGO's role as Beyond 2015 Regional Coordinator (timecode 11.22 - 13.04)
  • Listen to Emele Duitutaraga, CEO of PIANGO, interviewed on April 30 2014 on Radio Australia. Speaking at two-day forum in Suva, Emele  said development should not erode Pacific cultural values and traditions. The forum discussions centred on how women can influence post 2015 development, once the target date for Millennium Development Goals expires.