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Beyond 2015 Consultations Toolkit

Beyond 2015, GCAP and the United Nations Millennium Campaign have produced a toolkit for national deliberations on a post-2015 framework (in English, French and Spanish) .

This toolkit aims to help civil society organisations organise and facilitate such national deliberations. There are a number of aims of these deliberations:

1.      To feed into the UN-led consultation process at the national level (see Section 2 of the toolkit). Beyond 2015 and GCAP will work with the UN to ensure that representatives from civil society deliberations are included in the UN consultations, and that the report of the civil society deliberations is considered as a major input to the post-2015 consultation.

2.      To create specific policy asks for national governments, who will be negotiating the final agreement via the UN General Assembly. As such, a key aim of civil society deliberations is to create specific, concrete policy asks for national governments aiming at influencing their position on the post-2015 debate.

3.      To create a civil society position on a post-2015 framework, which will be submitted to the UN Task-Team on post-2015, UN High Level Panel / Independent Commission on post-2015, the Secretary General’s office as well as national governments.

Given the international timeline (see below), we strongly encourage National Platforms of NGOs and other interested groups to organise national deliberations on the post-2015 framework in the first quarter of 2012. Where a Beyond 2015 participating organisation is taking the lead, we encourage GCAP National Coalitions (and supporting organisations) to participate in this consultation, and vice versa. We encourage you to discuss this with Beyond 2015 and GCAP (email twww@beyond2015.org) before starting to organise a deliberation to check who is already active in your country. In this way we can work together to ensure a collaborative deliberation takes place at the national level.

You can download the toolkit in English, French and Spanish. We hope that it will greatly assist you in this process!