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Essential must haves - Substance

What should the framework contain?

a) The framework must set out global goals, as well as contextualised national targets for developed and developing countries aiming at a sustainable and equitable global development, as well as the eradication of extreme poverty.

b) The framework must be based in full accordance with international human rights laws and frameworks.

c) The framework must lever the reform of existing structures that perpetuate poverty and inequality.

d) The framework must recognise that international aid is only a part of a balanced approach to development.

e) The framework must address:

  • Root causes of poverty and injustice in all countries, from the richest to the poorest.
  • Inequity and inequality.
  • Environmental sustainability and climate change.
  • The responsibility of national governments to sustainably manage their natural and financial resources.
  • The responsibility of the international community to support developing countries in the face of global challenges through respecting their ODA commitments as well as through innovative redistributive funding mechanisms which would generate additional predictive finance.
  • The responsibility of developing country governments to deliver on development commitments.