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Executive Committee archive 2011-2012

Key work of the Executive Committee during the period 2011-2012: 

  • Submission to the Global Sustainability Panel, March 2011: click here
  • Letter to the President of the UNGA, May 2011: click here
  • Letter to the Under-Secretary-General of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, May 2011: click here
  • Towards a successor framework to the Millennium Development Goals. Next steps for the United Nations, October 2011: click here
  • Memorandum of Understanding with GCAP, December 2011: click here
  • ‘The World We Want - Beyond 2015’, A Toolkit for National Deliberations, December 2011: click here
  • Beyond 2015 Response to the High Level Panel Announcement (10 May 2012): click here

Bimonthly Updates: April 2012 Update