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Focus States / Supportive States Project - key results


Among the results achieved during the first phase:

  • Organisation of an Open Forum on “Justice and Governance in the Post-2015 Development Agenda” during the 2014 UN General Assembly (UNGA), by Beyond 2015 Indonesia
  • Meetings with local authorities in Colombia to build sub-national awareness of the post-2015 and create opportunities for dialogue on the implementation of the agenda amongst local actors
  • Organisation of Beyond 2015's CSO Conference in Copenhagen, which brought together 170 representatives from Beyond 2015 organisations shortly after the 2014 UNGA, to emphasize the need for an agenda rooted in equality – resulting in an widely-shared outcome document


  • Influencing Member State positions during the 2015 negotiation sessions on the post-2015 agenda: click here
  • Building political will to implement the post-2015 agenda: click here
  • Strengthening civil society participation in the implementation phase: click here