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Governance and funding of Beyond 2015


Beyond 2015 was built on numerous structures to carry out its daily work and ensure coordinated action at both a thematic and geographic level. Click on each structure below for more information:

Executive Committee

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Thematic structures

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Geographic structures

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Participating organisations

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Beyond 2015's funding increased steadily throughout the years through various sources. See below:


Full finance details here (page 21) 

Total budget: approximately 1.3 million Euros, from the following sources: 

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC): 60%

Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA): 25% 

Danish government (DANIDA): 10%  

CSOs: 5%


Full finance details here (page 20)

Total budget: approximately 732,500 Euros, from the following sources:

SIDA: 61%

CSOs: 21%

SDC: 8%

Overseas Development Institute (ODI): 6%

United Nations Milennium Campaign (UNMC): 4%


Total budget: approximately 100,000 Euros


Total budget: approximately 20,000 Euros