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National Hubs - Bangladesh

VOICE was the national lead agency for the Beyond 2015 hub in Bangladesh. Contact person: Ahmed Swapan.


Numerous activities were carried out by Beyond 2015 in Bangladesh, including:

  • Beyond 2015 position papers shared with government officials
  • Participation in the Beyond 2015 Asia Media Challenge (Sept.-Oct. 2015 - full report available here). Key activities include the design and publication of a poster translating the SDGs in Bangla, and the organisation of a press briefing after the UN Summit at the National Press Club with the participation of online and print media (and large-scale TV broadcasting) to share information on the UN Summit and on Beyond 2015's positions, and to draw attention to civil society’s demands for the implementation of the SDGs at the country level.
  • Press briefing just before the September 2014 session of the UN General Assembly calling for a people-centered post-2015 development framework that would ensure the meaningful participation of all concerned stakeholders in the process leading up to post-2015 Summit; and calling for a post-2015 framework that would reinforce international human rights commitments, fight injustice and embrace a rights-based approach to development based on equality, equity and non-discrimination, and ensure the rights of people to participate fully in society and in decision-making.
  • Organisation of a national seminar in Dhaka in May 2014: "Post 2015 Development Agenda: Towards a Transformative and Rights Based Development Framework", widely covered in the press (see here, here, here, here and here). Participants included NGOs, academics, civil society organisations, trade unions, women groups, rights organisations, students and members of parliament. 
  • Co-organisation of a roundtable titled “Post Development Framework: Women’s Rights and Participation” in which the State Minister participated.
  • Convening of two public events on “Post-2015 Development Framework: People’s Right and Participation” - attended by stakeholders including NGOs, CSOs, trade unions, women groups, rights organizations, youth, lawyers and cultural groups. The dialogues called for a stronger commitment by global leaders to reduce the gap between rich and poor, and ensure justice for all.
  • National deliberation and six regional consultations in May 2013, involving some 300 participants. Final report available here.