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National Hubs - Denmark

Concord Denmark is the national lead agency for the Danish Beyond 2015 national hub. 

For more information, contact Christine Jacobsen Mulvad of Concord Denmark, or the European Regional Coordinator.

Civil society deliberations on the post-2015 framework are well advanced in Denmark.

Since October 2011, Danish NGOs and networks have been engaged in a fruitful converation. Some shared impressions on the nature of the post-2015 development framework include:

  • The framework must go beyond aid and address northern responsibility on consumption.
  • It needs to highlight the importance of qualitative goals, not just quantitative.
  • Inequity and a human rights based approach must be at its core
  • The new framework should be global in its scope and address sustainable growth and population as key issues.
  • The post-2015 framework must avoid the current silo approach, be holistic and be reached through a transparent process.

You will find more information in this Position Paper published by Danish CSOs.