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National Hubs - Ireland

Following the high-level of interest among the participants in the event, Trócaire and Dóchas will be co-facilitating an Irish hub. This Beyond 2015 hub will work together with Irish domestic NGO, Trade Union and Academic sector on a number of key common issues of interest as identified during the Trocaire event.

For more information, contact the National Hub, Fiona Dochas or the European Regional Coordinator.

The Irish hub will also continue to engage with the Irish Government in order to ensure that it plays a leading role in the post-2015 negotiating process, in particular during its upcoming presidency of the EU Council in 2013.

Trocaire is conducting research which will support a number of southern partners in selected countries to engage citizens in identifying priorities for a post-2015 framework, which will complement the civil society national deliberations organised by Beyond 2015.

Have you seen Irish civil society’s priorities for the post-2015 global development agenda: "Goals for a better Ireland in a just world"? 

Visit: http://worldwewant.ie for the discussions on post-2015 in Ireland. 

In order to contribute to a discussion and debate in Ireland on what should replace the MDGs in 2015, a panel discussion entitled "Beyond 2015- Where Next for the Millennium Development Goals?" was organised in Dublin on February 1st 2012.

In the panel, representatives from Irish civil society organisations engaged in a fruitful conversation on the post-2015 what should follow the MDGs in 2015. The discussion paper of the event is available here and its report here.