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National Hubs - Japan

Ugoku/Ugokasu was the national lead agency for the Beyond 2015 hub in Japan. Contact person: Masaki Inaba of Ugoku/Ugokasu.


Ugoku/Ugokasu carried out many activities as national lead agency of Beyond 2015 in Japan, including:

  • National civil society deliberations on the post-2015 agenda from January to April 2013 (click here to read the final report on the outcomes of the deliberations) 
  • Coherent advocacy strategy targeting the Government of Japan's policy on the post-2015 framework, through the establishment of the “Post-2015 NGO Platform”, a network including CSOs working on environment (climate change and biodiversity), development, gender, disability, development financing (FTT etc.), and DRR (disaster risk reduction). 
  • Convening of 6 dialogues in 2014 between civil society organisations and the government’s chief negotiator for post-2015, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ms Amina Mohammed (UN Special Representative for Post-2015), where civil society urged the government to endorse poverty eradication and the promotion of equity (leave no one behind). 
  • "Energyzing" of 'Beyond MDGs Japan' (BMJ), an inter-sectoral network including government (e.g. the Japan International Cooperation Agency) and research actors (e.g. Japan Society of International Development), through symposia and events 
  • Regular dialogues on the SDGs with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and parliamentarians throughout the intergovernmental negotiations - resulting in the Japanese government taking positive and progressive positions on SRHR, gender, equality (especially inequality within countries), and civil society participation - and after the adoption of the new agenda