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National Hubs - Nigeria

Campaign2015+ was the national lead agency for the Beyond 2015 hub in Nigeria. Contact person: Tola Winjobi


Numerous activities were carried out by Beyond 2015 in Nigeria despite political attention being diverted from the post-2015 agenda by general elections in 2015. Key activities carried out include:

  • National conference on “Governance Beyond 2015: Setting an Agenda for Inclusive and Sustainable Development in an Era of Change”, July 6-7 2015, bringing together over 140 people from CSOs, NGOs/INGOs, development agencies and the media
  • Strategic meeting on 31 March 2015 with Nigerian CSOs to prepare for effective implementation of the SDGs by reviewing obstacles to the achievement of the MDGs and consolidating recommendations for the government - communiqué available here; press address delivered by David Tola Winjobi from Campaign2015+ here
  • Meetings with hub members and government representatives (e.g. Office of the Special Assistant to the President on MDGs, House Committee on MDGs, Office of the Vice President of Nigeria) to share Beyond 2015's position papers and advocacy messages
  • Awareness-raising on the post-2015 process through interventions on local radio stations (e.g. Diamond FM and Splash FM) to share updates on the negotiations in New York and opportunities for Nigeria, and to raise awareness on how to hold the government to account, the creation of a website and a Facebook advocacy page, and key publications (e.g. a compendium of deliberations on the post-2015 agenda was produced in 2015 and shared with UN, government and civil society; documentary on grassroots deliberations across five geo-political zones)
  • National CSOs Deliberation on Post-2015 in Nigeria on 14 March 2013 in Abuja, to gather views from civil society groups across the country on post-2015 perspectives and to define priorities for Nigeria, building on the MDGs. More information available in the deliberation report here