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Update on the UN 50+ country consultations

‘World We Want’ - Beyond 2015

As most CSOs involved in the post-2015 agenda are aware, the United Nations is planning to organise a series of 50+ National Consultations to solicit input from citizens and organisations at a country level as part of the preparations for advancing a post 2015 development agenda. These will inform the report of the High Level Panel on Post 2015 as well as the subsequent UN Secretary Generals official report to the 2013 UN General Assembly, which is likely to hold a special session on Post 2015.

Beyond 2015 and GCAP are encouraging all participating organizations who haven’t done so yet to consider getting involved in the UN consultations and are providing relevant information and supportive resources to strengthen your position and capacity. To assist you with this, we have updated the Beyond 2015/GCAP/UNMC Toolkit for National Deliberations which you can find here.

On the side of the UN, the UN Resident Coordinators have all received during the last weeks a set of guidelines and a written invitation from Helen Clark, head of UNDP, to get involved in the consultations. The 50 countries that will receive financial support to do so can be found here, but all countries are invited to get engaged. Beyond 2015 and GCAP participating organizations are invited to reach out their UN Resident Coordinators to discuss cooperation for the national consultations. A List of all UN Resident Coordinators contact details can be found here.

In the UN guidelines for consultations the UN Resident Coordinators were requested to submit their plans for consultations to UNDP by 17 August 2012. UNDP has established a five person support team that will review and scrutinise the plans, make suggestions for improvement and accompany and support the country teams when undertaking their national consultations.

This means that over the coming weeks UN country teams will be busy putting together their plans for consultations which might provide a good opportunity for Beyond 2015 participation organizations and their partners to offer support and input.