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Our impact

Whilst it is impossible to measure Beyond 2015's impact, the Campaign no doubt influenced the formulation of the post-2015 agenda. Take a look below at some of the Campaign's key achievements at the global, regional and national levels. These achievements are by no means exhaustive, and there are many other dimensions to Beyond 2015's work.

Beyond 2015's annual influencing reports are also a good source of information on the Campaign's impact.


Global level 

  • Enriched post-2015 debate through sharing of perspectives from people living in poverty and marginalisation: click here
  • Increased understanding of the post-2015 process: click here
  • Enhanced opportunities for civil society to engage with the UN: click here
  • Sharing of intelligence on the post-2015 processs: click here
  • Influence on the final text of the post-2015 agenda: click here

Regional level 

  • Africa: click here
  • Asia: click here
  • Europe: click here
  • Latin America: click here
  • Pacific: click here

National level 

  • National highlights: click here
  • Highlights from the Focus States initiative: click here