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Our learning

Beyond 2015 was guided by a spirit of constant learning and exchange as its membership grew significantly and the Campaign adapted to the evolving post-2015 process. A significant pool of lessons learned was generated through the experience of the Campaign, including through reports, evaluations, surveys and informal discussions. 

Final evaluation of Beyond 2015

1. Final evaluation report (full document & summary) - in English, French and Spanish: click here

2. Interactive presentations of the final evaluation report: click here and here

3. Recordings/notes of teleconferences discussing the final evaluation: click here

4. Twitter Chat discussing the evaluation in the wider context of implementing the 2030 Agenda: click here

5. Blog series on the final evaluation: click here

6. Academic response to the final evaluation: click here

Click here to view previous evaluations. 

Lessons learned from Beyond 2015's major programs

This section complements the final evaluation by highlighting key lessons from some of Beyond 2015's major programs. Click below for more information.

  • Focus States Initiative: click here
  • Participate Initiative: click here
  • National Lead Agency Initiative: click here