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Post-2015 blogs - 2012

Below is a non-exhaustive list of blogs about the post-2015 process, written by members of Beyond 2015 and others in 2012.

African Union Post MDGs consultations off track, Mwangi Waituru, Beyond 2015/GCAP Kenya/Seed Institute, December 2012

Inequalities of progress, Dominic Haslam, Sightsavers, December 2012

A Happy New Year for the intergovernmental post-2015 process?, Bernadette Fischler, CAFOD, December 2012

Busy Christmas for the Post-2015 High Level Panel, Bernadette Fischler, CAFOD, December 2012

Education, Equity and Learning Post-2015, Heikki Holmås, November 2012

Global poverty: a new, post-2015 agenda, Owen Tudor, TUC, November 2012

Goals for science in the post-2015 development agenda, Nick Ishmael Perkins, SciDev.Net, November 2012

Homophobia and Development: Addressing LGBT Discrimination in the Post-2015 Agenda, Mark Leon Goldberg, November 2012

Post 2015: Pruning the Spruce, Charles Kenny, November 2012

Sharing the post-2015 framework, Hannah Ryder, DFID, November 2012

Post 2015 agenda Panel finds areas of consensus, Eurostep, November 2012

Pondering the Post-2015 Agenda, Terra Lawson-Remer, November 2012

Climate change and health beyond-2015: The sustainable development agenda, Jonathan Patz, Global Health Institute, November 2012

Human rights could be faultline in post-2015 development agenda, Mark Tran, The Guardian, November 2012

The Post 2015 Development Agenda – What It Means And How To Get Involved, AWID, November 2012

Making a case for personal security in the post-2015 development agenda, Robert Muggah, Igarapé Institute, November 2012

Multi-stakeholder participation is vital to advancing the post-Rio / post-2015 agenda, Natalie Akstein, November 2012

Post-2015 debates: in search of humanist production, Rachel Hayman, INTRAC, November 2012

Bringing peace into the post-2015 development framework, TransConflict, November 2012

Participation and voices everywhere, but going nowhere (post-2015)?, Joanna Wheeler, IDS, November 2012

Key Ingredients for the Post-2015 Development Agenda, Clara Brandi, GG2022, November 2012

Post-2015 agenda must include gender equality and accountability mechanismsUN WOMEN, November 2012

Speech by Michelle Bachelet at Expert Group Meeting on “Applying a Gender Perspective to the Post 2015 Development Framework and the SDGs”, November 2012

The post-2015 development framework and gender equality: Opportunities and risks, John Hendra, UN WOMEN, November 2012

People-centred progress: some challenges for post-2015 development, Richard Morgan, UNICEF, November 2012

Post-2015 Debate Must Include Front Line Voices, Lord McConnell, November 2012

Summary of discussions at the Private Sector Roundtable, Post-2015 High Level Panel, November 2012

The Post 2015 Development Agenda – What It Means And How To Get Involved, AWID, November 2012

How Millennials Are Deciding the Global Agenda For Years to Come, Andrew Leon Hanna, November 2012

Post-2015 Education Planning under Occupation: A View from Palestine, Randa Hilal, November 2012

Born Equal: Inequality, education and post-2015, Alex Cobham, Save the Children UK, November 2012

Consultation or Conscription? Civil society input on the content of the post-2015 framework, Amy Pollard (CAFOD) and Dominic Haslam (Sightsavers), November 2012

A tactical approach to post-2015 MDGs advocacy, Phil Vernon, November 2012

The MDGs post-2015: why we should do less, Bill Morton, November 2012

Women’s Rights and the Post-2015 agenda: the time is NOW!, WO=MEN Dutch Gender Platform, October 2012

News from the first post-2015 High-level Panel meeting, Bernadette Fischler, CAFOD, October 2012

Post-2015 Blog Week, End Water Poverty, September 2012

Debates and Propositions around Education and Skills Post-2015, Kenneth King and Robert Palmer, NORRAG, September 2012

Looking to the future: HIV in a post-MDG world, Felicia Wong, International HIV/AIDS Alliance, August 2012

What have the MDGs achieved?, Matthew Lockwood, IDS, August 2012

UN Secretary‐General Announces New Sustainable Development Initiative, UN Press release, August 2012

Financial regulation in a post-MDG framework, The Center of Concern, August 2012

Post-2015: Capturing the voices of the marginalised, Anders Hylander, HelpAge, August 2012

The Future We Want: Post-2015 UN Development Agenda - UN System-wide preparations, Jose Dallo and Renata Rubian, August 2012

Thematic guide: Health in the post-2015 UN development agendaMedicus Mundi International Network, August 2012

ICPD Beyond 2014 and the post-2015 UN development agenda, ICPD, August 2015

Young people need jobs and education, and an own development goal?, James Mackie,  ECDPM, August 2012

Gender equality must be at the heart of the global development agenda after 2015, Emily Esplen, Womankind, August 2012

Beyond 2015: Moving Forward on Millennium Development Goals, Dr Judy Muthuri, Nottingham University Business School, August 2012

It’s Time for an Education Breakthrough: Coming Together for 2015 and the Agenda Beyond, Justin W. van Fleet, Global Economy and Development, Center for Universal Education, August 2012

Post-MDG, what do developing countries want?, Eliza Villarino, Devex, August 2012

New development agenda needed, Martin Khor, Global Trends, August 2012

Counting UP to 2015, Micah Challenge, August 2012

UN High Level Panel on Post-2015 – three Major Groups missing, ITUC, August 2012

Beyond the Millennium Development Goals, David Satterthwaite, IIEDA, August 2012

Sustainable Development Goals in Rio+20 and the post-2015 development agenda, Jeannet Lingán, Stakeholder Forum, August 2012

Making our Voices heard in the Post-2015 Agenda, Marion Steff, Sightsavers, August 2012

Can we afford to ignore migration post-2015?Anna Knoll & Henrike Klavert, ECDPM, July 2012

Africa puts innovation on the post-MDG agenda, Linda Nordling, July 2012

UNESCO and ECLAC join forces to prepare the region’s emerging post-2015 education agenda, UNESCO, July 2012

Let’s act all together!, Marion Steff, Sightsavers, July 2012

Setting the development agenda beyond 2015, ILO, July 2012

MDGs and beyond: What’s in a post 2015 agenda for youth?, Dabesaki Mac-Ikemenjima, Centre for Youth Development and Research Initiative, July 2012

VIDEO: Crowdsourcing the Post-MDG Agenda, Jamie Drummond, ONE, July 2012

What do YOU think our new global goals should be?, Jamie Drummond, ONE, July 2012

The UN Task Team report: Pretty good, all in all, Amy Pollard, CAFOD - Beyond 2015, July 2012

Africa ready for post-2015 development agenda - MDG report, UNECA, July 2012

Maximizing Minimal Development Goals, Hildegard Lingnau & Jean-Philippe Stijns, July 2012

After the MDGs, what next?, Seth Lartey, Commonwealth Foundation, July 2012

Including Street Children in post-2015 agenda, Joe Walker, July 2012

Post-2015: The UN should know better, Chris Underwood, July 2012

A checklist of targets for post-MDG development policies, John Holmes, Ditchley Foundation, July 2012

Post-MDGs: what next for a global development agenda that takes human rights seriously?, Alicia Yamin, CESR, July 2012

After the MDGs - UN post-2015 development framework process gathers speed, ITUC, July 2012

SDGs: Cutting through the fog, Denise Auclair, CIDSE, July 2012

Making Sense of the Post-2015 Development Framework, William Kituuka Kiwanuka, July 2012

Realising the future we want for all, but how?, Karen Schroh, Plan EU Office, July 2012

Sustainable development goals: UN must take simple, sensible approach, Stephen Hale, July 2012

MDGs post 2015: Beacons in turbulent times or false lights? Rolph van der Hoeven, ISS-EUR, June 2012

Inclusive, green growth – what role for an international agreement?, Claire Melamed, ODI, June 2012

Four key questions to ask about the post-2015 MDGs, Phil Vernon, June 2012

Post 2015 development: Putting equality at the heart of Cameron’s ‘Golden Thread’, Jessica Espey, Save the Children, June 2012

Business Goals for Development – a new vision for development post MDGs?, Paula Lucci and Karen Ellis, Overseas Development Institute, June 2012

Forget Rio+20, the right steps can bring instant and lasting development gains, Kevin Watkins, June 2012

VIDEO: Post 2015: What Next?, UNICEF, June 2012

SDGs: time to focus on an integrated post-2015 process, Outreach, June 2012

The Future We Want: Demanding Social Justice and a New Distribution of Opportunity, Michel Sidibe, United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, June 2012

Rio+20 stage set for debate on what next for development goals, John Vidal, The Guardian, June 2012

Civil Society Reflection Group seeks post-2015 agenda, June 2012

Tax justice must be on the agenda for the post-2015 development goals, Mike Lewis, New Statesman, June 2012

MDGs: Looking Beyond 2015, Evelyn Okoruwa, June 2012

Millennium Development Goals and Post-2015 Development Framework, Minar Pimple, UNMC, June 2012

The Post-2015 Bus: Is there Room for Education?, Michel Carton, June 2012

A Reflection on the 2012 Day of the African Child: How Rio + 20 can further this cause, Kimbowa Richard, Uganda Coalition for Sustainable Development, June 2012

Rio+20: what do we want it to achieve on sustainable development?, Neva Frecheville, WWF UK, Junio 2012

Health & Education Post-2015, Claire Melamed, ODI, June 2012

Beyond 2015: What is the world we want?, Karen Schroh, Plan EU Office, June 2012

Post 2015 Discussions in Europe: "Nothing About Us Without Us”, Ingo Ritz, GCAP, June 2012

Beyond 2015 – what’s the future for development and the environment?, Neva Frecheville, WWF UK, June 2012

The Post-2015 Agenda: What Room for Education and Skills?, Kenneth King, June 2012

Young People on the post-MDG Debate, Restless Development, June 2012

Advancing Beyond 2015, TRIALOG Bulletin 2012

Proposal on Sustainable Development Goals, The UNCSD Major Group of Children and Youth (MGCY), June 2012

Ban appoints special adviser on post-2015 development planning, UN News Centre, June 2012

UN All Africa Parliamentarians Conference, Addis Ababa, Amy Pollard, CAFOD, June 2012

The Dakar Declaration: Strengthening Citizens Voices in the Rio+20 and Post 2015 Processes, May 2012

Inequality, youth unemployment and jobless growth: Common problems but can we negotiate a common solution?, Jessica Espey, Save the Children UK, June 2012

Closing remarks at the United Nations General Assembly’s informal thematic debate on “The Road to Rio+20 and Beyond”, New York, 22 May 2012

The world we want: What happens beyond-2015?, Karen Schroh, PLAN EU Office, May 2012

Strong partnerships with civil society crucial to post-2015 development agenda, UNDP, May 2012

Reflections on “MDGs Beyond 2015”, presentation by Dr Debapriya Bhattacharya, May 2012

Ensuring the Relevance of any International Education Agenda Beyond 2015, Sobhi Tawil, May 2012

Post-2015 discussions kick off in China, Claire Melamed, ODI, May 2012

Beyond 2015 – what comes after the Millennium Development Goals?, Neva Frecheville, WWF UK, May 2012

The future we want: CSOs making the difference at Rio+20, Beyond 2015, May 2012

Culture, pillar of sustainable development, Director-General of UNESCO Ms Irina Bokova, May 2012

UNDP organizes youth debates on Pacific perspectives for post Millennium Development Goals, 7 May 2012

AID POLICY: Beyond the MDGs - planning for after 2015, May 2012

Disability issues moving up the agenda: will the post-2015 framework be more inclusive?, May 2012

Ban urges progress in Rio+20 negotiations, names post-2015 High-level Panel co-chairs, May 2012

Post-2015: Can the CSO engagement be meaningful?, Katsuji Imata, CIVICUS, May 2012

The simplest way to find out what the world’s poorest want is to ask them, ONE, May 2012

Sustainable Development Goals for the New Generation, Olimar Maisonet-Guzman and Ben Vanpeperstraete, May 2012

UN Sets Up Task Team on Post 2015, May 2012

Towards a Post-2015 Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, UN ISDR

Consultation Process towards the Post-2015 Framework on Disaster Risk Reduction, UN ISDR

Time to update the Millennium Development Goals, Barry Carin, 4 May 2012

Road to Rio: What should replace the MDGs?, Rebeca Grynspan, May 2012

Reflections on the MDG: Path to 2015 and the evolving Development Agenda beyond 2015, Biplove Choudhary, UNDP, May 2012

Why a Doughnut Now?, Pabitra Mukhopadhyay, April 2012

Goals, targets & metrics for monitoring drinking water beyond 2015, WaterAid, April 2012

Christmas tree, jigsaw or bullseye? A rough guide to post-2015 frameworks Claire Melamed, April 2012

Inequality won't take care of itself, Alina Rocha Menocal, April 2012

Whither Rio+20? Resetting the post-2015 global development agenda, Agnes Koh, EMA Analyst, April 2012

The Millennium Development Goals – What next, Mr Cameron?, Myles Wickstead, Commission for Africa, April 2012

Group of 77 and China Position Paper and China on the draft outcome document for the thirteenth session of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD-XIII) Doha, Qatar ("... In that regard, 2015 should not be about perpetuating the MDG agenda. It should be an opportunity to take stock of the MDGs, learn lessons from them, and move beyond to a more effective approach to development"). XIIIth UNCTAD Conference, April 2012

CEB Joint Statement to Rio +20, UN CEB, April 2012

Fit for the future? The rocky road to a new set of development goals, Lysa John and Stephen Hale, Poverty Matters Blog, April 2012

Ensuring those who are ‘last’ come first: using Reality Checks to inform post-MDGs, Robert Chambers, IDS, April 2012

MDGs Beyond 2015… the process to 2015, NGOs Beyond 2014, April 2012

Education as a platform for conomic participation: thinking beyond 2015, Emily Cook-Lundgren, April 2012

Time to gamble on development goals, Claire Melamed, ODI, April 2012

Why a Focus on Inequality in the MDGs (and in Fragile States) is Wrong, Seth Kaplan, Global Dashboard, April 2012

Why are governments failing on the Millennium Development goals?, Chris Bain, CAFOD, April 2012

WIPO and UNIDO Support Innovation for Sustainable Development, WIPO, April 2012

Post-MDG framework: No to 'last minute rush', Jenny Lei Ravelo, Devex, April 2012

After the MDGs: what kind of goals? Alex Evans, Global Dashboard, April 2012

UN eyes new set of MDGs beyond 2015, Jennifer A. Ng, Business mirror, April 2012

Putting NCDs into post-2015 development priorities, The NCD Alliance, March 2012

Rio+20 and the Post 2015 Development Framework, Ambassador Desra Percaya, March 2012

Global Performance Indicators: Challenges and the Post-2015 Process, Philadelphia Global Water Initiative, April 2012

Post MDGs 2015: Africa Must Shape Its Own Agenda Now, Generation Development, April 2012

What should the post-2015 MDG (on water and sanitation) look like, and how would we measure it?, Elise Wach, IDS, March 2012

Istanbul Declaration: Towards an equitable and sustainable future for all, March 2012

African countries urged to influence the post- MDG development agenda, March 2012

The Next Development Goals: Never About Us Without Us, Lawrence Haddad, IDS, March 2012

Looking to the future of the MDGs with the UN Foundation Board, Lysa John, GCAP, March 2012

We need to be clear on what happens with the SDGs once Rio+20 is over, Bernadette Fishler, CAFOD, March 2012

Getting our voices heard in the post-2015 development framework!, End Water Poverty, March 2012

If Rio+20 is to deliver, accountability must be at its heart, Open Letter from Special Procedures mandate-holders of the Human Rights Council to States negotiating the Outcome Document of the Rio+20 Summit, March 2012

Post-2015 MDGs: Already? Again?, Noshua Watson, March 2012

2015 MDG Summit, Wikigender, March 2012

The End of the MDGs?, Stefano Gennarini, J.D., March 2012

The Future of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) after 2015, Millennium Development Ambassadors, March 2012

Millennium Development Goals and post-2015 Development Agenda, UN ECOSOC

Sketching the road map for post-MDG framework, Bernadette Fischler, CAFOD, March 2012

Movement towards Rio +20 – but more questions than answers…, Neva Frecheville, WWF UK, March 2012

MDGs 2.0: Why not ask the poor what they really need?, Ben Leo, ONE, March 2012

What after 2015 on the Global Development Agenda: MDGs to SDGs?, United Explanations, February 2012

Is the world ready for sustainable development goals? by Laura Taylor, Tearfund, February 2012

How to find the right person… by Bernadette Fischler, CAFOD, February 2012

Millennium Development Goals version 2.0, Anders Hylander, HelpAge, February 2012

SDGs: a new generation of development goals?, Global transition, January 2012

Post-MDG update, Amy Pollard, CAFOD, January 2012

After the MDGs – what then?, Wikiprogress, January 2012

Are the MDGs Passé?Todd Post, Bread for the World Institute, January 2012

MPs debate Government Policy after the Millennium Development Goals, Charlie Matthews, Sightsavers, January 2012

Where do we go after the millennium development goals?, Gareth Thomas MP, January 2012 

Reimagining development in the post-MDG landscape, Joseph Markus, January 2012