Thematic working groups

Beyond 2015 has numerous thematic groups which cover different aspects of the campaign. 

While some are ongoing Working Groups (like the UN Working Group, in charge of following the work of the United Nations), others are time-bound Task Forces.

Participation in the campaign’s thematic groups is open to all organisations in Beyond 2015. If you would like to join a working group or task force, please email the contact person listed below.

Currently active groups

Past task forces and working groups

  • Rapid Response Task Force - see here
  • Accountability Task Force - see here
  • Financing for Development (FfD) Task Force - see here
  • Modalities Task Force - see here
  • VPVC Working Group - see here
  • UN GA 69 Task Force. This group coordinated Beyond 2015's presence in New York for the UN General Assembly - see here.
  • OWG Task Force. This group produced the Beyond 2015 reactions to OWG documents, including the reaction to the Outcome Document. Find all the Beyond 2015 reactions to OWG documents here
  • Values Task Forces. One values task force was set up for each of the Beyond 2015 values, to produce the collective campaign Values and Targets - see here.
  • Civil Society Position Working Group - see here.
  • Rio+20 Taskforce - see here.
  • Governance Taskforce - see here.
  • UNSG Task Force: First letter - see here; second letter - see here
  • Children and Youth Working Group - see here