UNSG Task Force (first letter)

This task force has concluded its work and has been disbanded


This task force was created in June 2011 to draft a letter to the UN Secretary General.

The letter intended to urge the United Nations to begin its work on the post-MDG development agenda, and putting forward the key points in the Essential Must Haves of Beyond 2015.


The following organisations were part of the first UNSG Task Force:

  • Amnesty International Burkina Faso
  • ATD Fourth World
  • Center for Economic and Social Rights, CESR
  • International Alert
  • WaterAid
  • Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace Zimbabwe, CCJPZ
  • Caritas Zimbabwe
  • GCAP

Their draft was circulated to the group of participating organisations of the campaign for comments and sign off.


The letter, signed off by more than 60 civil society organisations from almost 30 countries, was sent in July (more details here).

An official reply was received in August 2011 (more details here).