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Video & Audio - 2015

Beyond 2015 High-Level Event during the 2015 UN Sustainable Development Summit: "Implementing the post-2015 agenda - building political leadership for transformative change" (27 September 2015)

Beyond 2015 Kiribati song on the SDGs - by the Kiribati Children Campaigner's Network (KCCN) and the Kiribati Climate Action Network (KiriCAN)

Beyond 2015 Kenya song to communicate the process of developing the post-2030 agenda (local language)

"Green development goals - HAND at the Annual Green Gathering of Hungarian NGOs", April 2015 - Video in which HAND (Szövetség/Hungarian Association of NGOs for Development and Humanitarian Aid) staff explain to Hungarian NGOs what Beyond 2015 is about and why the SDGs are so important, highlighting the so-called green goals related to the SDG framework. More information here

Briefing on the SDGs organised by Dóchas (Beyond 2015 Lead Agency in Ireland), March 2015

Hans Zomes, Director of Dóchas: "[The SDGs] is a really important new framework for the world. It's going to set political priorities for the global community about how wer're going to build a better world. It's based on a universality principle which means that it applies to every country on earth[...]"