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World We Want 2015

Beyond 2015 unites civil society to work towards a global, overarching, cross-thematic framework that succeeds the Millennium Development Goals through a process that is participatory, inclusive and responsive to voices of those directly affected by poverty and injustice.

Together we want to build the World We Want Beyond 2015

A host of consultations are underway, led by civil society, youth, local communities, regional bodies, national governments and the United Nations. Beyond 2015 aims to open opportunities and provide support to ensure that civil society voices are brought to the forefront and that their perspectives and priorities are taken into account by decision-makers and will be reflected in the MDG successor framework.

You can find more information about these consultations and their origins in the follwing sections:

The new and evolving World We Want 2015 web platform

The web platform www.worldwewant2015.org is co-hosted by civil society and the United Nations as part of the UN global conversations. The web platform launched on 31 July 2012 to coincide with the announcement of the UN High Level Panel on post-2015 and increases its interactive features over the following months to host a lively and active exchange of civil society opinions and experiences.

The World We Want 2015 will bring the priorities of people from every corner of the world to the forefront and help build a collective vision that will be used directly by the United Nations and World Leaders to plan a new development agenda launching in 2015, one that is based on the aspirations of all citizens! The gathered information will feed into the report of the UN High Level Panel on post-2015 and subsequently into the UN Secretary General’s report to the UN MDG review summit in September 2013.

Join the global conversation. Share your voice. It all starts with you. What kind of World do you Want? Add your voice now on www.worldwewant2015.org