What happens when you get kicked from CS:GO?

CS:GO features rules and their violation may result in you the player getting kicked or suffer a ban altogether. However, the bans reset after a period and you get reinstated.

What happens when you get kicked?

Getting kicked is a punitive measure for something you may not be doing right. In CS: GO, you can get kicked for idling, teaming up with wrong people, dying too many times or losing. The main types of kicking are vote kick and team damage kick. The vote-kick is started by one of your teammates and once you are kicked and your team wins, it is a win for you too. However, in the team damage kick, you do not get a win regardless of your teams’ victory. A vote-kick may not affect your ranking and wins while the latter affects your winnings negatively.
A kick can lead to de-ranking. If you suffer a kick and your team loses, it leads to you being demoted to the lower level and you have to work your way up again.

When do you get banned from CS: GO?

On CS: GO, there are three types of bans: Valve anti-cheat ban, permanently untrusted ban, and overwatch ban. Valve anti-cheat ban implies that VAC searched your computer and came across a running hack. A permanently untrusted ban is similar to valve anti-cheat ban and may have a cooldown lasting more than 12 hours. It further implies your account is not trusted. A hacking tool in your computer will thus cost you when playing CS: GO video game. Overwatch ban is the other ban type that comes in when you get reported too many times by other game players. This means you are assumed to be hacking your account. However, in this ban, it is not clear to the overwatch valve that you are using a hacking tool unlike in the valve anti-cheat and permanently untrusted ban where they have undoubtedly detected your hacking tool. Gambling with CS:GO skins is not bannable.

How long do these bans take to reset?

CS: GO bans, also referred to as cooldowns take different durations to reset depending on a number of factors. The number of bans you have suffered somehow affects how long your bans take to reset. The more the bans the less the reset time. On your first ban, it may take up to seven days to have the ban reset. After, that, you are likely to get a 2-day ban followed by the two-hour ban and the least will last for 30mins. The period you take to get banned has an impact on the duration of your next ban. There are numerous remarks from clients who have suffered several 7-day consecutive bans. The type of a ban still may affect the time it will take to reset.

CS: GO is an exhilarating game and if you tread carefully, play well and hard, avoid hackings and establish a good rapport with teammates will see you scale the ranks and record many wins.