What are the requirements if want to run a CS:GO server?

You cannot afford to let anything get in the way of you and enjoying the utmost gaming experience with Counter-Strike. There are a lot of things that can bring an end to a fully-fledged gaming session with you and your friends- or even fail to start one. Factors like RAM, processor speed, and internet connection have to be taken into consideration before you show off your skills. Luckily, gearing up for enjoyment doesn’t have to take too much of your time, just a few tweaks of what we are about to get into.

What do I need to run a server?

Operating System

Firstly, you need to have an operating system that is very stable. Have as little as possible software installed and running on the OS. Windows server and Linux Distro OS are very favorable for the server. The main point is to have the operating system as steady as possible without requiring a reboot.


This is one of the most crucial specifics that you must take care of before you jump in. Make sure that your router has a good internet connection and a good speed to go along with. Factors like geographic location and upload speed can affect your gaming immensely, these are usually the reasons behind lagging and unnecessary disconnections during gaming. Though itis mostly dependent on how many players are going to partake in playing, an upload speed of about 10 Mbps & 1TB bandwidth is about enough for you- it can also take eight to ten players.


A processor is the core of the power of your system, it has to be powerful enough to support your gaming needs and the type of server you are using. A processor with a minimum clock speed of about 3.0 GigaHertz Is about enough to get you started if you are using a basic server like the 5v5. 3.2 GHz gets you optimal results. If you are in the spirit of sharing, this is adequate to host a maximum of six players. The clock speed may need to be higher if you are going to be hosting a larger number of people, or using a more demanding server to enjoy this experience with.


If you are really dedicated, a RAM of four gigabytes should be a symbol of your devotion. Four gigabytes is enough to sustain one server, the RAM acts as an aid to the processor and storage space functions, it takes off some of the pressure from its counterparts to improve the overall performance. A sufficient processor with high clocking speed, more than 3.2 GHz alongside a powerful six GB RAM is ideal. You can even run multiple servers when you have these two working together.


The more players you have, or the more demanding the server- you will need to increase the specifications. Adding a graphic card of about 1GB is great for boosting your games visual performance. Once you take care of that, you can be well on your way to doing what matters most- mastering the game. You can also put wagers on CS:GO matches that you watch with your friends. Find out who knows the teams best!