What are the best fun CS:GO maps to play with friends?

Are you preparing for a LAN-party? Do you want to know which are the best fun CS:GO maps to play with your buddies? We got you covered!

Haunted Coop Mission

CS:GO has been undergoing some great changes, which revolve around the counter terrorists spoiling any likely attempt to curb the ill behavior showcased by the rebels. Such intimidating actions include planting bombs, holding hostages, and more. All these activities aimed at destroying the entire site. The good news is that the map was designed bearing in mind the interests of the player. In fact, it offers the gamer a competitive environment to ensure that the gamer make use of their skills to deal with the monsters that threaten to ruin the site. In addition,  it's strictly multiplayer in order to favor competitive scenario. Lastly, the map can be customized to suit the player’s preference and taste.


This is another incredible map that is both influential and competitive. With this map installed in your personal computer, you can have the fun all the way to the top. The dust has a great site dominated by tunnels, crates, doors, palatial spares, boxes, and perfect walls, which make the game, look natural and authentic As you take the game to the next level, you will realize that it offers you a variety of ways to defend the bomb site better.


Are you looking for a popular CS:GO map? If that is the case then the site has you covered. Mirage is characterized by captivating design. It is both flexible, so as to allow free movement on the map. In addition, mirage comes with an array of settings to ensure that you get the best out of the game. This is also one of the maps in the official CS:GO tournament rooster. Players often gamble on their favorite teams on these maps.


Have you been dreaming of a killer map to boost your gaming experience? If yes, then Inferno is your right product. The setting is similar to Italy, except that it is more open. The downside of this map is that it does not have adequate long vantages for snipers to camp out. Nevertheless, the game stand out in the sense that it comes with symbolic sites that comprise of banana, a place where terrorists use as a frying pan for molotov’d, as well as all-pervading bell tower that helps you determine your location on the map. Other places include: the fish bond, chicken structure, apartments, and skybox.


Here the government forces are battling the militia at Greek Island. What will draw you to this map is its ease of customization. The revered legend EMPONE, created the back-story why the Grecian resort was picked as a site of the deadly clash. As the game progresses, you will have to stop the insurgents from ruining the already dwindling Greek economy. At every step of the way, do not let the militia attack the well-known tourist attraction centers. Top notch gamers may not fall in love with this map because its setting looks out of shape. Despite the fact that many do not find this map appealing, it still presents lots of fun, thanks to its simplicity.