Take Part in BinomotoGP and Win a Motorcycle or MacBook Pro

Binoptionen Writer - Cody Walls
Cody Walls

Binomo has released an all-new offer for forex traders to benefit from making consistent trades from 18th to 31st July. This trading competition is called BinomotoGP, indicating how it’s a race between traders to reach the winning prize.

The competition exists in 3 countries Binomo has decided to make its mark in, namely Turkey, Brazil, and India. Simply make more traders and get more tickets. If your ticket credentials are picked out in the lucky draw, you take home the prestigious prize.

This is a time-sensitive competition. If you’re trading from these locations, real prizes worth thousands of dollars can be yours in a few weeks. Keep an eye out and make accurate forecasts to conduct profitable trades and generate added income.

Note: More about these exciting prizes are written below.

How to collect tickets in BinomotoGP event?

BinomotoGP is active from 18th to 31st July for users to make trades and increase the number of tickets they win. 

Traders can collect tickets by making trading transfers equivalent to the below-mentioned amounts in a day. The notification bar will give you the required updates if you’re unclear about how many tickets you collected.

The following amounts relate to your account’s country of registration and the currency your Binomo trading account functions in. Once you achieve these daily turnover goals, you’ll get 1 ticket in your account. Thus, the more times you complete trades equal to this value, you’ll get more tickets.

  • India: 9100 INR / 115 USD / 110 EUR
  • Brazil: 920 REAL / 177 USD / 168 EUR
  • Turkey: 3650 LIRA / 220 USD / 210 EUR

Imagine if you frequently trade from today till July 31st. You can easily become a legit competitor for these premium prizes.

Note: Trading Involves risk of losing money if your trade goes wrong. So trade wisely.

How can you win prizes?

Binomo BinomotoGP event

As a trader, your job is simple. Once you make multiple trades and begin collecting tickets, you automatically become eligible for being a surprise winner in a mega raffle.

If your ticket credentials are found in the mega raffle, you can either win a sports motorbike or any of the 4 Macbook Pro 13” from the prize pool.

The BinomotoGP program comes with rewards based on 3 phases of the participation period:

  • Tickets collected between 18th and 24th July are eligible to win 2 Macbook Pros 13” between 24th and 27th July.
  • Tickets collected between 25th and 31st July are eligible to win 2 Macbook Pros 13” between 1st and 3rd August.
  • Any ticket collected during the entire BinomotoGP event is eligible to win an all-new and dreamy sports motorcycle between 1st and 3rd August.

How to participate in BinomotoGP?

Joined Binomo on July: If you joined Binomo on July, you have already entered BinomotoGP, the remaining of July comes with a number of opportunities to win some of the biggest prizes offered by online forex brokers. So keep trading and collecting tickets.

New Binomo Trader: If you are not a Binomo trader, fear not, we suggest you to do one (or multiple) of these steps:

Note: Trading Involves risk of losing money if your trade goes wrong. So trade wisely.

Remember, a little research may help generate profits to trade further and earn more tickets in BinomotoGP.

Joined Binomo before July: However, if you registered on Binomo platform before July, simply make a deposit of any amount you like and use the BINOMOTOGP code. Provided you input this code prior to July 31st, you are tagged as an active participant. What’s more, there is no entrance fee to get your name on the BinomotoGP’s scoreboard.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or expert trader on Binomo, the rules are simple. There will also be ample video reporting from all raffles to offer traders clarity. Trading requires knowledge and practice, you should be aware of what you do and what are the risks involved.

Here is an easy-to-follow 3-step process for BinomotoGP candidates:

  1. 1
    Trade: Make intelligent trading decisions to generate greater profits and avoid investing new money.
  2. 2
    Generate tickets: Trade a value of the above-mentioned rates for being rewarded a ticket. Use your real account and stay mindful of your progress through the notifications bar.
  3. 3
    Victory: Wait while we randomly pick up winners from the tickets generated.

Tips to win prizes at BinomotoGP

We suggest simultaneously using your free training or dummy account to leverage the USD 10,000 dummy money and brush up your forex trading skills. This account lets users get a run-through on the platform’s specifics and understand how the offered trading instruments teach you strategies to invest in varying assets.

This way, traders can continue to make responsible trades and not fall into the trap of open positions in the name of acquiring more tickets. In laymen’s terms, avoid opening positions blindly.

If you’re a mere observer hesitating to start their training journey, there’s no better time to become a trader on Binomo. BinomotoGP welcomes you with a high chance of winning a sports bike or Apple laptop if you make regular trades.

With only few days for July to end and the clock ticking by the minute, you should be aboard the Binomoto Grand Prix bandwagon.