What is Counter Strike: Global Offensive?

Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Production have developed a variety of video games in the Counter Strike series, with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive being the fourth game in the series. The game was available for OS X, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows by August 2012, only with the Linux version was coming out in September 2014.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive development began during the time that Hidden Path Entertainment tried to change Counter-Strike Source to a video game console. The development of the game was expanded just from the predecessor's gameplay and Valve also turned the port into a full game. In March 2010,  CS:GO development started and in August 2011 it was revealed to the world. In addition to that, the events Global Offensive keys was given to around ten thousand people for the closed beta which had started in November 2011. Some issues such as the client and server stability were addressed and made a restriction to the access of beta reduced and by 2012 Valve Productions made public that Global Offensive would be released to the public on August 2012. Roughly a month before the open beta was already released. Even after that Valve went ahead and invited world-class counter strike gamers to playtest the game and offer reviews.

What's the objective on Counter-Strike: Global offensive?

Two parties are in place in the game with one side taking the game as the terrorists and the other side as the counter-terrorists. Both parties are meant to eliminate the other and also different objectives are placed for both parties in the game. For instance, the terrorists depending on the mode of the game, will either defend hostages or plant bombs to attack the opponent. The counter-terrorists, on the other hand, will either save the hostages, defuse the bomb or make sure the bomb is not planted by the opponent.

The game modes available all have distinct features that are specific to the respective modes. Additionally, Global Offensive allows players to host servers with game modes and custom maps and also giving players a chance to game on dedicated valve servers. The Valve sponsored tournaments give CS:GO a competitive scene, as they provide good competitive events for the game. On the other hand, the game has received praise from customers for mainly, its relations with the previous iterations in the series and the overall gameplay. Even though some of the previous characteristics were criticized the console versions received positive remarks, as the reviewers noted the difference between the PC versions and the console version of the game.

CS:GO is 14.99$ on Steam and is also found online in Amazon among other online sites. The game has expanded from the team-based action gameplay when it started 14 years ago. The game has a variety of new characters, new maps, new weapons and updated versions of the classic cs content, for instance, dust 2 among other games. In addition to that Counter-Strike Global Offensive will also introduce leaderboards for tracking scores, matchmaking and new gameplay modes among many others.

Can you play with a friend cross-platform?

There were arrangements for cross-platform multiplayer between PlayStation 3, Linux, OS X, and Windows players, but in the end, it was only restricted to include only the PC versions due to the varying update frequency between systems.

How successful is the game?

Doug Lombardi at Valve once told the public that counter strike took the gaming industry with a bang when the game became the most played game on PC online, immediately after its release in August 1999.

In addition to that he stated that the game had made significant strides being among the best-selling with approximately 25 million units in the whole world across the franchise, it is the most played and has made headline competitive gaming tournaments. The counter strike global offensive has promised to expand the game's award-winning gameplay and make it available for gamers on the next generation consoles, PCs and MAC

Furthermore, since the counter strike's release, the game's influence accessories have been also produced. There is an official store that deals with selling these products, with also an original version of the five-year veteran coin. Additionally, companies like Steel have partnered with Valve to create real-life accessories, for instance, mouse pads, headsets and mice.

CS:GO - the most popular eSport

Hosted by Valve organized or co-sponsored tournaments and third-party alliances the global offensive professional field consists of various tournaments known as Majors. The prize pools of the Majors are originally set at 250, 000$ and the price pools had a significant improvement over the years, with the first pool being MLG Columbus 2016 reaching 1 million dollars. CS:GO gambling is an increasingly popular activity during these events.

Additionally, in 2014, the CS:GO community experienced the first match-fixing scandal where Netcodeguides.com won a match that was lost deliberately by Ibuypower. Through Valve, the team was banned even though ESL, later on, lifted the ban from their tournaments in 2017. This did not change the fact that the team is unable to participate in Majors.

In conclusion, a number of professional esports organization with the teams from Counter-Strike announced the establishment of a trade union that has tabled several demands to deal with the tournament's attendance in future. Natus Vincere's CEO publicly posted the announcement by email to organizers of big esports events. 75,000$ and 100,000$ are the least amounts both teams will require before participating in CS:GO and Dota 2 respectively. Team Liquid, Natus Vincere, Virtus Pro, Fnatic, Titan, Ninjas In Pyjamas, Team Envyus and Counter Logic Gaming were among the list of teams announced. Though by 2016 the ESL founded the World eSports Association [WESA] and resulted to many teams such as Faze Clan, Team EnvyUs, Fnatic, and Natus Vincere leaving soon after the formation. Furthermore, the World eSports Association later stated that it would further improve eSports by introducing revenue sharing for teams, elements of player representations and standardized regulations. Also, WESA would help organizers and fans by providing predictable schedules.