8 Best Sustainable Online Trading Brokers in India

Binoptionen Writer - Cody Walls
Cody Walls

Organisations and HNW (High Net Worth) investors worldwide, who wish to catalyse a positive change, are working in sync to lay the foundation for improved hygiene, lifestyles, education, healthcare and the betterment of living standards. All their attempts directly fall under the sustainable investing umbrella.

The United Nations created Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) based on opinions by leaders in bringing about global equality. These MDGs enhance access to basic education, eliminate child mortality, boost maternal healthcare, establish equality between genders, and aim to empower women. Similarly, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) create the foundation for a sustainable future for all of humanity. A few of the 17 SDGs emphasise sustainable agriculture, income equality, conserving natural resources, and infusing respectable hygiene into less-privileged human settlements, among others.

With India already offering 12 mutual fund schemes revolving around ESG, government agencies like the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFDRA), and the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) are making visible efforts in promoting an increase in ESG factors in their rulebook.

We’ve selected online trading brokers who have highlighted the factor of sustainable investing when deciding their platform’s USP. While many of them include assets focused on environmental sustainability, a few of them are very much involved in CSR activities as well. Above all, all these platforms are available for Indian traders.

List of Best Sustainable Online Trading Brokers

Here’s a list of online trading brokers who make significant efforts to promote and instill an attitude of sustainability in society:

1. Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers enables and supports sustainable investing through its environmental, social, and governance (ESG) tools which permit investors to make conscious investments based on their preferred assets. These investments can be tailored to suit the core sustainability values followed by the investor.

Even better, additional features allow you to label questionable practices and filter your investments through the Impact Dashboard to ensure every penny spent is aligned with your values. To add on, users can choose from an extensive list of assets based on the asset’s impact on emissions, human rights, social change, etc. What’s best, when the ESG score of any asset fluctuates in a negative direction, investors can swap assets at the snap of a finger and maintain their investment etiquette keeping sustainability in mind.

Though Interactive Brokers extends its sustainability-conscious services to 220+ countries and territories, its primary headquarters and country of operation are the United States of America.

How Do Interactive Brokers Support Sustainability?

The ESG scores provided make it simpler for investors to pump money into assets without only studying financial factors. Their interface calculates the impact of assets on factors such as workforce management, natural resource utilisation, community interaction, kind of shareholders, environmental effects, and much more.

Due to so many factors, users can conduct a manual or automated in-depth analysis to ensure their investments are in sync with sustainability goals. Additionally, there are graphic descriptions to simplify the ranking of companies and their competitors. IB’s system also incorporates scanners that allow searching through ESG data and suggesting companies that do well in sustainability goals.

Furthermore, some additional features include:

  • Fundamentals explorer: This allows users to perform better research and make wiser decisions by analysing ESG scores in the context of fundamentals.
  • Portfolio analyst: Permits collating, tracking, and studying the user’s financial performance to verify if it’s relevant to their core ESG values.
  • Paspor Model marketplace: Users can leverage the clarity offered through research-backed ESG models on IB’s marketplace.
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  • Interactive Advisors: This robo-advisor suggests investment choices that revolve around low-cost and diversified portfolios. Many of their portfolios are ESG-centric and are yet customisable as per your needs.

2. Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade is another online trading broker that serves investors from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds to grow their income and achieve their financial goals quicker. If you’re looking to pocket a sustainable income through trading on Olymp Trade, you must ideally develop a trading strategy to discover profitable entry points, design a capital management process, and understand trading principles while managing emotional management.

With the ocean of features, indicators, and trading tools on this platform, even amateur investors can follow their sustainable investment goals and earn a significant profit every month.

How Does Olymp Trade Support Sustainability?

This reputed online trading platform runs in 190+ countries and caters to approximately 60 million accounts while regularly taking giant steps in its charity mission. Be it their partnership with humanitarian enterprises or dedication to replenish the lives of disaster victims, Olymp Trade pumps a considerable amount of its earnings in countries like India, Mexico, Indonesia, and Egypt to guide and educate the underprivileged.

The majority of their work revolves around creating a global ecosystem for sustainable growth and success. Moreover, they have undertaken an effective social responsibility approach by supporting Indonesia during the recent lethal pandemic. Simply put, they delivered first-aid packages to over eight cities in Indonesia and also guided them on usability and healthcare expertise.

A few more steps taken by Olymp Trade to support sustainability and offer help to people of the globe are:

  • Supporting people in Chennai, Tamil Nadu in India with first-aid equipment and food kits. Most of the receivers were from low-income families struggling with little to no income during COVID-19. They were also educated on disposing of waste and rationing food.
  • Providing humanitarian aid to the citizens of Vietnam after the impact of the pandemic and the brutal rainstorms, which wiped out thousands of homes, food supplies, and work-based settlements. Additionally, Olymp Trade offered children the resources to continue their education, keeping the concept of sustainability as a core topic.
  • After a series of natural disasters struck South Kalimantan in Indonesia in 2021, Olymp Trade partnered with DT Peduli and bolstered the disaster-stricken community with staple foods, hygiene kits, clean water sources, and household equipment, and educational instruments. Above all, families with babies were given baby formula and added equipment to ensure the children’s future remained unaffected.
  • Collaborated with the Egyptian Red Crescent (ERC) to maintain the upkeep of orphanages and nursing homes during the pandemic. Olymp Trade also conducted hygiene workshops to spread awareness of sustainability through the usage of healthcare resources.

3. IQ Option

IQ Option

IQ Option is a reputed online trading broker with a digital ecosystem that allows investors to diversify their portfolio in stocks related to crude oil, gold, energy conservation, recycling industries, and projects with an immense future scope, such as Tesla. This platform’s list of popular assets ranges from well-established organisations to modern-day businesses and commodities.

They’ve won awards for their software architecture and the respectable degree of reliability of their services time and again. To add on, their innovation and growth-based mindset account for efficiency in resource consumption and prove to push them one step ahead of their competitors.

With over 1800000 active investors and above 8 million registered users, IQ Option continues to make monumental strides in the online trading business.

How Does IQ Option Support Sustainability?

IQ Option has created a comprehensive list of investment choices to promote green investing and socially responsible investing (SRI). In the case of investors looking to focus on establishing an ecological impact in a positive light, IQ Option has promoted investing in solar and wind technologies, along with a number of businesses working with biodegradability.

They’ve set up a charitable foundation to support underdeveloped African countries via financial support, the development of quality infrastructure for healthcare facilities, technological introductions, and by sending industry experts to departments that Africa is lacking in. Apart from their water project in Rwanda, which installed two 5000-litre water tanks for villages struggling with water deprivation - IQ Option also conducts classes for children and adults in Africa to teach them the art of growing sustainability-based businesses.

Note: The Faith Foundation has collaborated with IQ Option’s Charitable Foundation

4. Binomo


Amongst the multiple online trading brokers working hard towards global sustainability practices, Binomo is another leading contributor. Established in 2014, now spread across 130+ countries, and executing over 30,000,000 trades weekly, Binomo has proved its reliability in quality service, trusted growth opportunities for amateur and expert investors, and an exceptional interface and feature-based for simplifying each trader’s journey.

They intend to enhance the financial literacy of traders and progress towards a future that runs on sustainable practices through socially conscious undertakings. And with an asset database of 70+ options, including stocks, goods, indices, and much more, Binomo is well on the path to making online investments a more approachable choice for the masses.

What’s best, this reputed sustainable investing technique is now a possibility for the average earning human through the presence of such online trading brokers. These online trading brokers carry forward environmentally and socially-conscious partnerships that resolve large-scale issues in society through the average human.

How Does Binomo Support Sustainability?

Apart from the regular charity events showering the poorly privileged with ration kits, educational opportunities, and knowledge of sustainable energy ideas, Binomo indulges with entertainment, e-commerce, and sports businesses to create partnerships focused on a sustainable future.

Be it their donation of 1400 seedlings to the Forestry Development and Combating Forest Fires Services Support Foundation (OGEM-VAK) or their merging of M&E and sports to educate a niche audience on sustainable systems, Binomo continues promoting this philosophy.

Furthermore, Binomo partners with renowned personalities who radiate their sustainability-centric ideologies and inspire people to follow roadmaps progressing towards a better and more efficient future. All in all, they continually curate campaign ideas in this sphere and gather attraction by shedding light on the impact of their global vision.

5. Exness


Being an international retail group focused on forex trading, Exness presents amateur, intermediate and expert traders with an extensive series of six asset classes. These include cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, metals, currency pairs, and energies. Based out of Limassol in Cyprus, they’ve made significant progress since users complained of issues with profit withdrawals.

Apart from staying true to their slogan of offering traders a platform to leverage “better-than-market” conditions, some of their noteworthy statistics include a customer base of 1.8 million trading aspirants worldwide who trade approx. 470 billion in monetary value. Even better, they’ve now reached a soaring high number of 2.2 billion withdrawals ever since their inception 14 years ago.

When traders participate in investment activities on a 14-year-old platform depicting a high level of multi-asset brokerage excellence, the element of faith in their services is a given. Besides, they also have four reputed regulatory licences, namely FCA, CySEC, FSA, and FSCA.

How Does Exness Support Sustainability?

If not entirely catering to the sustainability of the environment, Exness ensures traders can be sustainable with their finances owing to commission-free trading and swap-free investment choices. They identify low, stable spreads and shoot notifications to traders as a reminder to capitalise on such opportunities.

You can easily handle how exposed to risk your portfolio is! Moreover, feel free to populate your portfolio with oil assets, popularly traded indices almost assuring financial returns, and a number of metals offering few of the safest investment choices.

Here are some additional features Exness strives to provide:

  • Elimination of any form of manual processing has enabled the platform to release instant withdrawals, 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Arrangements for a plethora of local and global payment options allow users to efficiently withdraw or deposit funds at the click of a button.
  • Protection against falling into the category of negative balance accounts is guaranteed since the broker gladly scrapes off any negatives.
  • A proprietary algorithm that battles the downsides of market uncertainty alerts users on profitable trading opportunities.
  • With record trade execution durations of 0.05 seconds, your trading costs are significantly reduced.
  • Comprehensive fundamental and technical analysis tools give users the perfect arsenal to conduct market studies and make wise investment decisions.

6. Uphold


Uphold’s cloud-centric financial offerings let investors safely transfer, convert, store, or trade-in multiple assets. Very few forex trading brokers create a platform with such exorbitant returns on crypto assets. Remember, Uphold offers its customers up to 19.5% annual percentage yields (APY) on their crypto holdings. And with the tempting presence of over 130+ cryptocurrencies available for trading, the platform has created staking rewards for nine of their crypto assets.

They’re present in 150 countries and hold an impressive list of 50 US stocks to complement the earnings through your digital asset portfolio. Their community boasts over 10+ million users – each of who have enjoyed the privilege of withdrawing and depositing amounts as low as 1 USD.

Uphold obediently follows the morals and ethics of forex trading. This is evident in their attempts at maintaining 100% transparency for all holdings and transactions. What’s best, their transparency can be trusted owing to real-time data visibility and a reliable system of premium-security standards.

How Does Uphold Support Sustainability?

While Uphold has mentioned their advocacy for green investment methods, this platform doubles down on security by not following the money management trend of global crypto exchanges and banks. In laymen's words, they do not believe in loaning out your finances and making a quick buck.

One amazing factor is how Uphold has made space for investing in environmental assets. There are a few better ways to put your money to good use in the global battle against climate change. You can invest in carbon credit tokens specially curated to assist approved projects for preserving the rainforests of our planet.

Two must-know environmental assets they offer are UPCO2, the world’s first tradable carbon credit token, and Bitcoin Zero, which is as clean as possible Bitcoin can presently get.

Here are additional features which make Uphold a premium forex trading platform:

  • All-rounding portfolio accessibility lets you tweak your investment process, whether on an iOS or Android device or on the web.
  • Steer clear of the negatives of price volatility and conveniently schedule frequent transactions.
  • Paspor AutoPilot feature lets you use automated trading, which decides recurring trading orders using dollar-cost averaging.
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  • Uphold has designed its personalised multi-asset debit card integrated with Apply and GooglePay to conduct all your transactions with modern-day convenience.
  • Enjoy zero custody costs and instant liquidity by investing in platinum, silver, palladium, gold, and other precious metals.

7. IG Markets

IG Markets

IG Market’s relations drift back to investment experts in 1974. Though this platform is typically for experienced traders, if you’re blessed with patience and an investor’s acumen, their interactive educational materials will do you good. Since CFDs are complicated financial instruments, IG Market has taken wise measures to prevent your funds from depleting at an uncontrollable pace.

Their web platform is quick and easy to navigate across, their application has won several awards and is optimised for most gadgets, and they work hard to continually update their repository of risk management and alert tools.

Most of the platform’s functionality and suggestions consist of the expertise of global investment analysts. What’s more, the accessibility to Twitter feeds on this platform saves you the hassle of researching on social media.

How Does IG Markets Support Sustainability?

Their emphasis on CFDs lets you invest with trade contracts that introduce you to a perfect approach to spread your capital into profitable investment territories. Whether you go long or short investment plans, the platform automatically adjusts positions to cancel the changes from dividends.

Furthermore, they let you multiply your funds through forex, shares, indices, commodities and added markets through futures, spot, weekend, volatility, and knock-outs trading strategies. Whichever methods you choose, provided you’re conscious of socially responsible investing (SRI), it’s easier to steal the limelight with well-thought-out investment choices.

8. Earthfolio


Earthfolio’s tagline of “Invest sustainably” speaks volumes of their primary goal in the investment and sustainability hemisphere. Their platform houses in-built features such as automatic allocation of assets based on your inputted goals and increased visibility of projects, including strong ESG funds and environmentally-conscious plans.

To add on, Earthfolio attempts to bring all kinds of investors together and grow a community of stakeholders who pump their money into the future of the world – all with a nearly 100% guarantee of positive returns. They have individuals as their clients and even small and large organisations who wish to be a part of the legacy revolving around sustainability.

How Does Earthfolio Support Sustainability?

Earthfolio’s dedication towards sustainability is evident in its decade-long affiliation with The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investments (US SIF). The members of the latter work towards promoting sustainable investment processes that emphasise social, corporate, and environmental factors. Above this, their efforts are driven towards a future that holds healthy and competitive financial gains along with an uncompromisable societal impact.

As Earthfolio says, “Your money is empowered for good” indulging with such online trading brokers helps you build a portfolio that obeys the norm of protecting global resources.


The increasing focus on sustainability in our complex economic landscape has kickstarted noteworthy attempts to prevent discrimination, poorly decided investments, drawbacks of social perceptions, and a hoard of societal issues on a global level.

Sustainable investing is the key ingredient in achieving these short and long-term goals set by the UN and the masses. Such an investment strategy allows investors to lay a positive impact on global issues and refrain the activities of large-scale businesses from affecting society and the environment – be it through lower wages, releasing unregulated pollutants, or exploiting natural resources.

In a nutshell, society can confidently verify how sustainable investing brings long-term financial returns and simultaneously produces a positive impact on the entirety of the globe. Keep in mind; that if every investor makes conscious investment decisions while giving sustainability the upper hand, the probability of an eco-friendly and socially-equal future is in humanity’s favour.