Olymp Trade Statuses: What Are the Perks?

Binoptionen Writer - Cody Walls
Cody Walls

Olymp Trade statuses are the broker's way of giving traders certain privileges (return of up to 92% per trade, trading signals, personal training, etc) on their trading accounts. Olymp Trade offers three levels of statuses for all of its users: starter, advanced and expert.

What's an Olymp Trade Status?

What's an Olymp Trade Status

Olymp Trade offers three levels of statuses for all of its users:

  • The Starter status is the basic level you get upon first deposit to a real account. There is no minimum amount and it's what you get when you first start your trading journey.
  • The Advanced status is acquired upon a higher deposit with more advanced trading features.
  • The Expert status is the highest one can get, and features the largest benefits package you can get from the trading platform! The best part about this? Risk-free trading!

JUST THINK OF IT THIS WAY: The higher the status, the better your trade terms are with Olymp Trade!

Now you must be wondering how to level up your status for that full Olymp Trade experience, huh? Keep reading to find out more about it.

How Do I Increase My Status by Depositing?

All traders start with a Starter status by default. You can increase your status by depositing an amount from $500USD to $1999 to reach the Advanced status!

Through this tier, you acquire a better return rate and more exclusive trading features that are exclusive to users in this status.

The Expert status, however, is a PREMIUM tier that can be acquired if the trader deposits a minimum of $2000.

In the expert status, you fully unlock the functionalities to maximize your trade experience at Olymp Trade like weekly consultations and maximum yields. (We'll get more into that later!)

How Are Status Points Measured?

Aside from depositing money in your Olymp Trade account, you can also level up your status by leveling up something called Experience Points (XP).

Like a fun video game that you play, basically, the trader gets XP for every trade they make and gets more points for profitable trades made on the platform.

Essentially, the more points the user gets, the higher their XP goes! Users can use the XP they get to upgrade their status or extend the one they currently have.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The number of XP you get resets every 30 days, so be mindful about it!

Check This Out to Get More Details About How XP Works per Status!

  • For the Starter status, there is no specific amount of XP needed to extend it, as long as a trader is a member.
  • For the Advanced status, the trader needs 19,800 XP to get it and 35,000 XP to extend the status
  • For the Expert status, the trader needs 99,000 XP to get it and 35,000 XP to extend the status.

The Trader's Way

The Trader's Way

To add a little functional experience to the Olymp Trade status levels, there is a system of rewards between the statuses that users can acquire, through the Trader's Way!

Think of these as tasks in Olymp Trade as in-game objectives to get rewards and more XP, for a better overall trading experience.

Sounds like a fun way to do things, huh?

A trader gets different tasks, and they are organized by the level they can advance through by completing things. Trust us, this makes the entire trading experience a WHOLE LOT BETTER!

You get rewards like risk-free trades and tips to make a profit through the platform.

What Do I Get With Status at Olymp Trade?

Through the various statuses at the trading platform, you get various privileges the higher you go on your tiers!

1. The Starter Status

  • Free training
  • Access to basic platform functionality
  • A return rate of up to 82%

2. The Advanced Status

  • Built-in FFT and Forex strategies
  • 1 private webinar weekly
  • 1 monthly consultation with an analyst
  • Withdrawal of funds from Olymp Trade Account within 3 days
  • A discount of up to 10% on position opening fee on Forex
  • A return rate of up to 85%

2. The Expert Status

  • Risk-free trades
  • Built-in FFT and Forex strategies
  • 3 private webinars weekly
  • 4 monthly consultations with an analyst
  • Withdraw within 24 hours
  • A discount of up to 20% on position opening fee on Forex
  • Personal training
  • Trading signals
  • Exclusive trading tips and ideas

JUST KEEP IN MIND: The Advanced and Expert statuses can be kept for a total of 30 days and can be upgraded or downgraded depending on the required experience points or the amount deposited into the account.


How Do I Renew or Upgrade My Status at Olymp Trade?

A status automatically upgrades the moment the turnover or deposit requirements are met, for your convenience!

For renewing, however, a trader just needs to make sure they have the required number of XP needed before their 30-day period ends.

Once the requirements are met, a trader can enjoy their account privileges for another 30-day period to maximize their trading experience with the benefits they have.

Is the Expert Status Worth it at Olymp Trade?

So maybe you've been wondering if their expert status is a worthy experience, huh? For new Indian traders and anyone new to the status system, yes it is!

It's a status that is HIGHLY ADVANTAGEOUS, especially for veteran traders who want to make the most out of their trading experience.

With this tier, you can get INCREASED PROFITABILITY for each transaction and a quicker term withdrawal period, in just one day. You also get a personal consultant to assist you with all your inquiries!

Now that sounds like a SLICK WIN, right?

The cherry on top of the cake, for us, is risk-free trading! It's your way of trying to get profit without the risk, for an easy and hassle-free trade session.


Olymp Trade offers these statuses as a way to elevate your trades into a fun and functional experience! We hope this guide helped you out in trading. We're sure you'll definitely enjoy it!