Olymp Trade Login: How To Access the Platform and Troubleshoot Issues

Binoptionen Writer - Cody Walls
Cody Walls

Login to Olymp Trade is simple and easy. But yet some users may find it difficult.

Sometimes Users may forgot their password or may face other issues that may restrict them to access their Olymp Trade account. So how will traders like you login to Olymp Trade, and finally trade?

From our login and troubleshooting guide, learn how to login to Olymp Trade using different platforms and how to overcome some common problems that you may face during your login attempts.

How to Login to Olymp Trade on Different Platforms?

How to Login to Olymp Trade on Different Platforms

Web App

To log on to the web app, simply go to the Olymp Trade website and click login. Sign in with your account email and password.

Desktop App

To download the free desktop app, head on over to the Olymp Trade web platform's download center. The site will automatically detect your OS.

Click on "Download." Login using your credentials, and you're all set!

Mobile App

For the mobile app, download the iOS or Android trading platform from the App Store or the Play Store.

Sign in using your account email and password, and you're set!

What About Logging In for Indian Users?

The most common language in Olymp Trade India is Hindi.

After testing it out, registration and trading were seamless and had no difficulties. Not to mention, the support will work in your native language.

Finally, using the app in Android and iOS are also easily available in India.

Common Olymp Trade Login Problems

Common Olymp Trade Login Problems

1. Forgotten Password/Credentials

This is the most common issue users have with the platform. Luckily, it's also the easiest to solve.

Change Password Request

Here are steps you should take to recover your account or change your password if you've forgotten it:

  • Make sure you're signed out of your account.
  • Once signed out, click on the "log in" page and click "Change My Password."
  • A new window will open and you'll see the e-mail you used to sign up for an account. Click "Reset."
  • After clicking reset, you will receive a password reset link. Act quickly, because you can only change your account's password within a few hours!

2. No Olymp Trade Login Credentials/Registration Found

When you get this prompt, it means that Olymp Trade does not recognize your e-mail.

Sometimes, it's as simple as re-typing your e-mail. But when you can't access the trading platform, it's not just a typo - it's probably because you used another account for your registration.

Recovering Your Olymp Trade Login Account Using Facebook, Apple, or Google

Unless you made a demo account for registration, remember that you could sign up for Olymp Trade with your Facebook, Apple ID, or Google Account.

If you signed up to Olymp Trade using your Apple ID or Google Account:

  • Use the login credentials you used for registration by clicking on the Apple or Google icon, instead of entering your Apple ID email or Gmail into the "e-mail" field;
  • Click on "Login."

This is a common source of confusion and frustration with plenty of Indian traders, so it's always good to remember what account you used during your Olymp Trade registration.

3. No 2FA Received

If you're sensitive about identity theft, then you probably activated two-factor authentication (2FA) on your Olymp Trade account.

It's a great idea to do it now. You reduce the risk of identity theft and protect your account from hackers who may make unauthorized transactions and start trading using your money.

But 2FA isn't perfect. If you can't receive your 2FA passcode via SMS, contact customer support (see below!), or change your 2FA setting to Google Authenticator.

4. Olymp Trade Platform Service Unavailable

Olymp Trade Platform Service Unavailable

If you receive this error prompt, there are two reasons for it. Either:

  • You're in a country where trading with Olymp Trade isn't allowed, or
  • There might be an issue with your account.

Olymp Trade Is Not Available In Your Country

Olymp Trade is the most widely available trading platform out there. Traders from over 134 countries trust Olymp Trade with their transactions!

Unfortunately, it's not all rosy. There are some countries where Olymp Trade isn't available, like the US, UK, and Japan.

Fortunately, you can access Olymp Trade in these countries:

  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Brazil
  • And many more!

So if you find your country in the Olymp Trade countries list, then Olymp Trade might block your account for another reason

Olymp Trade Login Issues You Can Fix Yourself

Still can't login?

If you're itching to begin trading this instant and you still can't login, see if you can follow any of these steps to gain access to Olymp Trade's trading platform:

1. Downloading the Newest App

This should be an obvious fix, but there are those of us who aren't too conscious about updating to the latest apps.

It's important to update your apps to the latest version because developers fix bugs, including login issues, and send security patches to its users for every update.

2. Fixing Internet Connectivity Issues

Sometimes, it's not the app, it's the Internet.

If you have spotty Internet connection, try resetting your router or refresh your WiFi connection.

3. Platform Maintenance

Olymp might stop trading if they're performing server maintenance across the board. If that's the case, have a little patience. Don't worry, you'll be trading before you know it!

When to Contact Customer Support for Your Olymp Trade Login Issues

When to Contact Customer Support for Your Olymp Trade Login Issues

Some traders still can't login after following all of the steps above.

If that's the case, all hope is not lost! Olymp Trade has the BEST customer support of ALL the apps we know, so just shoot an e-mail at support-en@olymptrade.com or call 000-8000-402-044 for Olymp Trade India's hotline.


Headaches are RARE on Olymp Trade, but they're definitely there. If you have problems whenever you sign in to the Olymp Trade trading platform, just consult this easy guide.