Binomo India Review – Is it Safe & Reliable?

Gaurav Kaur


Total Skor: 92/100

Binomo Pros

  • A vast variety of options & Multiple payout methods
  • Good Customer Care Service

In a world where everything seems to have gone digital, it is no surprise that people are turning more and more to online money-making ventures. One of the many methods of earning profits online includes trading assets on the internet.

However, from the list of many platforms available, choosing the right one may be overwhelming. A good platform needs to be regulated, user and beginner-friendly, as well as provide stellar customer support.

Platforms like these are proven to be surprisingly hard to find. As a result, let us draw your attention to Binomo – a platform that not only has all the necessary qualifications for a good broker but also goes above and beyond to provide an optimal trading experience.

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NOTE: 85/100

Binomo é confiavel
  • Registration is free and simple
  • Display that is simple and easy to understand
  • Complete investment guide

What is Binomo? – Company Overview

Binomo was founded in 2014 under Binomo Ltd. It is a platform that enables its customers to invest in online trading. Being such a groundbreaking online trading platform, over 40,000 trades take place daily on the Binomo platform around the world.  As a result, it is one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry. 

Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission ensures Binomo’s safety and provides assurance of it being scam free by being regulated in the EU. Binomo has full authority to sell its products to its clients in several Jurisdictions. Binomo allows its customers to trade in a variety of options and assets i.e., Binary Options, Crypto-currencies, and Stocks.

Binomo is well-known for its top-notch, scam-free services. A year after the launch of Binomo, the brand gained quite an expansive clientele-base of loyal customers, showing how much the brand gives back to its people. The trading volume per month from 2014 to 2020 has increased by 2100%. Bringing us to the year 2020 with Binomo, on average, over $20 Million are withdrawn by traders each month.

Geographically, the platform has worked with traders around the globe from 213 countries. On top of that, Binomo has different affiliations from different influential bodies like BinPartner,, and, amongst many others.  

Finally, Binomo’s proven statistics are attracting new users by every passing second, and its quality services and satisfied customers serve as a testament to this firm’s loyalty with its customers.

Quick Summary


Dolphin Corp LLC

Reg. Number

915 LLC 2021

Payout Option


Minimum Deposit


Demo account

Yes, Unlimited

Year of Inception





Android, Mac OS, Windows, iOS

Platform type



Regulated by IFC (International Financial Commission)

Mobile platform


Minimum investment value


Pros & Cons


  • A vast variety of options & Multiple payout methods
  • Good Customer Care Service
  • User-friendly interface
  • Regulated by the CYSEC
  • Free Demo account
  • Payout ratio of up to 90%
  • Transparent broker
  • Minimum investment of 10$


  • The Binomo platform has some bugs
  • Responds slowly to commands
  • Traders from Iran, Sudan, Syria, Israel, Canada, Japan, and the USA are not authorized.

What makes Binomo special?

Why Bino is special

Binomo is a well-esteemed online trading platform that stands ahead of all the other online platforms, as it offers many more services and provides more security. 

Advance Platform is also one of the many reasons why users opt for Binomo. It is remotely accessible so customers can access it easily anywhere, anytime. Binomo is available for Desktop, Mac OS, Web, and Smartphones exclusively.

Free Practice, Binomo allows its new or inexperienced users to learn from a free practice account so ensure profitable trading when they move to their real accounts. Users can make their refillable practice account of $1,000 to invest, trade, and learn about the digital trading word and get the most out of the Binomo Experience.

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What does Binomo offer?

Binomo provides its customers with a pool of alternatives to trade. They started with being just Binary Options Broker, and they have grown so much that now they allow users to trade with Crypto-currencies, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on Stocks, etc. They are enabling users to choose from 46 different (both Binary and digital) options they set the bar very high to reach.

  • Stocks: The platform allows Trading in CFDs on Stocks in over 176 different countries globally.
  • Crypto-currency: With Binomo, customers can trade with the most trending form of money Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin & Litecoin.
  • Forex: They enable users to FX trading, currently the most popular market, in around 188 currency trading pairs.
  • Options: On this platform, customers can speculate on many different assets with their prices. Binomo provides around 47 Options (including Microsoft, Apple, Tesla, etc.)
  • Commodities: Binomo allows its users to trade in over 5 Commodities (Gold, Silver, Platinum, etc.)
  • ETFs: This platform is currently the only platform which is allowing traders to choose from around 4288 different ETFs.

Binomo gives the user every reason to use their platform. With an unlimited Demo Account to influence a trade as much as $10000 for new users to check-start and increase their trade learning experience until they become pros before switching to a real-life account.

Making your demo account and experiencing trading with Binomo doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Is it?

Is Binomo a Scam; or Trustworthy and Safe?

Binomo is Trusted

In truth, it is no longer news that a lot of huge trading enterprises turned out to be scams or not being secure enough for people to invest their money, thus prompting users to become skeptical about virtually every other platform, including. Bringing us to our big question; is it safe and worth it?

An interesting fact about Binomo is that each trader who is actively involved in this platform experiences a guaranteed increase in the profit each year. This brand is forever growing, which acts as proof of many satisfied customers and scam-free services. In recent years the platform had statistics of over 41 Million newly Registered Traders. 

This platform has a very long and trusted history with brokers all around the world. Up till today, there have been no allegations or accusations recorded for this platform. It has managed to stay miles away from all kinds of scams and suspicious activities. The whole platform is a fully regulated system providing high-quality services to its users.

Binomo is proven to be a highly-reliable platform for trading and investing, where you can learn, grow and earn, carefree.


Financial Markets Relations Regulation Centre (FMRRC) has regulated The Binomo Platform, an independent organization that governs for dealing centers and brokers. This platform has been a “Category A” member since 2018 of the International Finance Commission (IFC), promising complete transparency and protection of an independent and esteemed organization. Marking around five years of maintaining customer’s trust and exceeding their expectations, Binomo proves to be of high standards and following best business practices. Moreover, an organization named CROFR gave Binomo certification that indicates that the company complies with the current law ensuring trader’s safety. CROFR certification makes Binomo the most secure brokers in CIS. 

Furthermore, this platform also has certification from Verify My Trade (VMT), bypassing the monthly audit on 5000 executed trades, this platform promises its users to be authentic and safe with top quality trade execution. In this platform, the trader’s fund is kept in separate accounts, to ensure their asset’s safety. Binomo also has a rigorous customer’s privacy policy. As regulation plays a significant role in international trading, if the platform suspects fraud, the broker will lose their license immediately.

Binomo provides all 100% protection to its clients, protecting up to $20,000 as compensation fund, in case of being victimized to fraudulent activity. Also, the platform provides traders with a complaint team IFC to solve or find the most feasible solutions for their problems in under 72 hours. The traders also have access to utterly neutral judgment. In case of having issues with the broker, you can report to IFC.

Awards & Acclamation

Binomo has gained a lot of recognition over the years, and awards for their trusted services. Even though the company is less than 7 years old, it has received awards just after a year, which shows us how fast the brand grew and how much the users benefited from it. Here is a list of their awards & acclamation;

  • Binomo has been featured on Forbes in the year 2016, proving the platform’s global recognition.
  • It has won The International Alternative Investment Review (IAIR) Award for the best broker of the year in 2016. Winning this award adds to the credibility of this platform by heaping bounds. 
  • Binomo also won the Forex Expo Award for The Best Brokers for Beginners in the year 2015.
  • The organization stands proud as a Category “A” member of the International Financial Commission for five straight years. 
  • In 2015, the organization was awarded the Gold ERA award for Best Binary Options Broker Europe.
  • The Company has implemented the latest Secure Socket Layer (SSL), a digital encryption tech to protect users’ financial, personal, and account details.

Partnerships & Testament to Quality

Acknowledgment of the fact that this organization is not that old yet has so many loyal customers and has conquered the market in a relatively short period tells us a lot about the brand in itself. From the year it was launched up till today, Binomo has managed to take on board many high-end popular brands as partners. 

Acing many successful business partnerships, Binomo has established its market image as a platform that stands for Quality, Commitment, and Proper Deliverance and nothing less. They have thought of every problem their users can face and have ready solutions to tackle them, keeping their customers satisfied at all times. 

To conclude, Yes, Binomo is a very secure and trustworthy platform for you to invest your money. Another key thing to remember with this platform is the commitment they have with their clients on their services.

Traders all over the world can test their strategies and gain experience online, all via a training account for you to go all into the trading world. Not to mention Binomo has made trading more accessible than ever, so go try out the demo version of this app and live the experience yourself.

Binomo in India

Binomo has an ever-growing client base from India, which is not in any way surprising as this platform legitimately has users from over 200 countries, hence not making the millions of users from India a really big deal. Generally, the firm offers its Indian clients numerous advantages, including a day in and day out client assistance, a very high level of security, as well as different installment alternatives, and payment options. Binomo is profoundly easy to use; with its highly interactive, user-friendly interface, India traders can enjoy the full essence of trading and get good measures for what they love doing. 

Moreover, Binomo works incredibly for Indian clients because of having no language barrier. The platform ensures that its users have no problem using it. Hence, this platform allows traders to translate the interface into over 17 languages. Fortunately, Hindi happen to be one of those languages. Generally speaking, Binomo eliminates every sort of problems that might stop India traders from enjoying the full benefits from their platform. 

Binomo in Hindi: website and customer support

As far as we have experienced, Binomo Website and Customer Support are way better than any other platform offered by the brokers in the industry. Their website has a live chat option available, which can be accessed by traders having any problem in their preferred language out of the pool of languages all around the world, along with Hindi. Meaning traders from India can get both the website and their customer support in their native language. 

Furthermore, the chat window enables the user to choose from a list of different options. If you have selected the country you are a resident of or your hometown country, you will receive guidance by their customer support representative in the same medium, providing you with all the information you need. With Binomo, the language barrier can never be an issue, as is fully optimized for all Indian traders. If you are an Indian user, you can not only translate your website into Hindi but also get Hindi customer support on their website. 

Our experience with Binomo shows us that in no way any broker will lack any knowledge or educational material on this platform, about this platform. We did not experience it with any other online trading platforms or brokers in the industry. 

Aside from providing quality FAQs, the users on this platform can also avail other learning opportunities that, too, from a demo account as well. The company delivers relevant and essential information on various trading terms and types to traders to learn from them. Apart from Hindi, the platform can be operated in English, German, Arabic, Chinese, Urdu, Turkish, Korean, Thai, French, and several other languages. 

How to use it?

Now, we have made sure that the platform is secure. It has all kinds of features for our traders around the globe, let’s dive into actually using it. Opening a Binomo account is free and will cost you nothing. Typically, there are two different ways to utilize Binomo. 

  • Real Account
  • Demo Account

Nonetheless, the individuals who are inexperienced with online trading, are advised to learn and gain experience via their demo account. After they have learned different strategies and tactics, they can move on to their Real account. 

The application is accessible on the Play Store as well as Apple Store from where you can download Binomo and start your trading experience. You can even use this platform from your desktop pc without downloading it via their website.

Making profits from Binomo is easy as you can trade by predicting the market status if it will go up or down. If your prediction is correct, you will earn your invested capital along with the interest you just won. Hence, the best usage of Binomo will be to begin trading with a training account. 

You can easily say it is anything but difficult to as you will be starting your first trade with virtual cash. That implies you are using your free demo account. Binomo gives you a proper tour of your broker platform and tells you everything you need to know before your first trade.

Binomo Platform Overview

Binomo is a versatile web-platform, as well as a mobile application. On this platform, you get immediate access to more than 100 assets. Binomo works every minute of every day, and you can invest and earn any day anytime with almost anything you want. The platform provides introductory videos and advice for apprentices to become familiar with the whole trading world. Furthermore, you can approach support for help. 

Binomo is one of a kind, the platform looks clear and all around organized from the moment you start using it. You can customize it according to your likings and do a thorough analysis of the chart. You can apply from many different chart types and tools for the technical analysis of your assets. With the help of these tools, you can easily estimate the stakes of losing and earn a lot of profit.

On the Binomo web or mobile app on the top-left most corner of the page, they have a drop-down menu showing us the list of all the assets you can use. The platform offers both gold and cash to trade. On margin’s left half side, there are unique gifts, exciting tournaments, promotions, and messages.

Basic features

Binomo is a complete package for all kinds of traders and investors from around the world, who are looking for a secure yet easy online platform. Furthermore, how the site is structured and introduced, users can effortlessly get the idea that the Binomo platform includes all the right tools and gadgets to help promote a streamlined investing or trading experience.

Binomo’s Design is unique and sophisticated. You can easily navigate on the platform and customize your experience according to your likings. There are many options for different charts, tools, and indicators that you can use for your technical analysis before trading. 

One of the most advantageous things about this platform is how fast its trade execution is. At the same time, trading you will not experience any lag or connection problem from their side; which is very common in similar other platforms. This platform allows all its users to have smooth and fun trading experience.

To summarize, the Binomo platform is the trader’s first choice. You can find all the told you would need while trading and can use it to achieve winning results.

Some Important Features of Binomo:

  • The fastest trade execution Platform.
  • Allows you to trade in more than 100 Assets.
  • Extremely User-Friendly and Flexible.
  • Remote Access.
  • Demo Account with trial virtual cash.
  • Customizable.
  • Minimum Cash deposit $10
  • Minimum Investment $1
  • Free Training for new Traders.
  • Quality Customer Service
  • Smooth and Problem-free withdrawal.

Binary options

Binary options involve an exchange that allows traders trade and earn returns based on the fluctuations in prices happening in the global markets. Binary options are relatively simple to understand than any other investment option. They are making it very popular amongst new, inexperienced, or low-skilled traders. Not to mention, it has a history of making substantial profitable amounts for people with good experience in trading. 

Binomo is legitimately the biggest broker of Binary Options globally. So, if you want to try your luck with Binary Options hop on board and start binary trading. To simplify binary trading, we can say it is forecasting a Particular outcome for a particular asset’s value within the specified given time frame.

However, to differentiate between binary trading and regular trading is that binary trading is either Black or White, there is no grey area in dealing with Binary Options. You either make double or nothing at all. 

If we talk about the turnaround time of binary trading, we can say it varies due to several reasons. It can be as quick as 60 seconds in some cases, and for others, we can even go for hours or even days. Hence, we can decide if we want to predict for a short period or more extended periods.

Forex at Binomo

Foreign Exchange, FX trading, or Forex Trading are all names given to selling in the conversion of one currency into another. It is one of the fastest-growing trading markets in the world. Statistics show us that daily trading volume in Forex is $5 Trillion. 

Currently, Forex trading or foreign exchange trading on Binomo is available in more than five dominant currency duos. This platform offers a fixed risk investment for this form of trading, regulated by the EU. Forex trading has almost the same advantages as Binary options. 

In this form of trading, the trader has a high chance of making more than 2000% of the amount invested if the trader can successfully predict if there will be a steep rise in the prices.

Although FX trading has been fixed to a $30 minimal stake, but they can be traded anytime you want, required it is under the limited expiry date. This platform provides this flexibility to its users to help them retain their stakes and less risky trade options.

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is an online internet-based medium, digital currency, which uses crypto-graphical functions to carry out financial transactions. The best thing about Cryptocurrency is it is not controlled by any central authority.

Binomo can integrate digital currencies like cryptocurrencies, both as a means of funding or as a trade. Furthermore, Cryptocurrency is getting so famous these days, investing in them seems like a good option, as this platform embraces the essential fundamental resources and fully enhances them. 

Trading via bitcoins or Cryptocurrency can amplify your chances to benefit from, by a significant margin. The platform enables its users to choose from a wide range of cryptocurrencies i.e., Bitcoin, Litecoin etc.

Tools and Indicators 

When you are investing digitally, you need the right tools to help you get the maximum out of each bet you place. Binomo has a vast number of tools that allows users in trading. To further explain the importance of Binomo’s tools, we will list down a few tools that help in identifying various patterns and trends of the market. Knowing the right use of these tools and combining them can result in a very accurate prediction of future market trends, resulting in maximizing your profits.

  • Average True Range (ATR): It helps the user to show the asset’s volatility within your chosen time along with influencing the change rate of quotes.
  • The Stoch or Stochastic Oscillator: With the help of this indicator tool, you can view the difference between the current price and the price it had in a specific period in the past. If you master this tool, you can easily have a stronghold over potential reversal points of a particular asset.
  • Bollinger Bands: This tool helps you in determining a range for price movement.
  • The Alligator Indicator: It is a vital tool, which helps in identifying all the emerging trading trends. To maximize your trading capital, you need to have good knowledge about the ongoing trends in the trading world.
  • Awesome Oscillator: This tool displays a ratio of two Simple Moving Averages (SMA), one being a faster display of rates and others being slow.
  • Commodity Channel Index (CCI): This tool measures the speed of movements of the prices of assets, helping users identify the asset, which might result in maximum profit.
  • The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD): As its name can identify, this tool is used for displaying moving average convergence and divergence. 
  • Moving Averages (MAs): This tool is sub-categorized into Smooth Simple Moving Average, Simple Moving Average, and Weighted Moving Average. They help the users in identifying trading tactics and helps you in examining current trends.
  • Parabolic SAR:  This tool is similar to MAs, the only difference being the change in its positions in relation to acceleration and price difference
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI): With the help of this tool, we can be aware of the current trend’s strength.
  • Volume Indicators: This tool helps the user by providing them with useful and valuable information on the assets bought and sold of your choice or interest.


One thing we only experience by using Binomo is how it is not just an online platform but also an excellent medium for self-education. Binomo offers so many guides and pieces of training for beginners to begin investing and get the most from this platform.

For any new user, wanting to step in the world of investments and trading, Binomo makes sure to give them a complete guideline and provide them with everything necessary for them to take acknowledgment and invest. The platform covers everything from the aspect of trading from teaching you how to build your trading scheme to thoroughly explaining how to effectively use all the tools that the platform provides, in the most beneficial way.

Furthermore, this platform wanting us to learn more about trade and investments, giving us a demo account to learn and test our skills is undoubtedly out to gain loyal customers for as long as the brand stands. Knowing the brand and what it stands for aids to better customer relations, but more importantly, it makes a massive difference in any trading career. 

To conclude, it is highly advised to users to go through the entire content, may it be training videos or blogs by the platform before diving into the fantastic features they are offering to make the most out of it.

Strategies – Using Binomo

In the world of trading and investments, not executed very straightforwardly. Many times, to gain maximum profit, you have to plan and experiment with your strategies and tactics. There are many known strategies which, if carried out with perfection, can result in a skilled trade. Trading strategies are either sometimes easy or very complicated.

Moreover, some trading strategies are carried out on trends and some on currency pairs. To execute a profitable trade smoothly, you will have to look into the trading tools and learn about some indicators too;

 Examples of some strategies are;

  • Pathfinder Strategy for beginners. 
  • The “Step” Strategy for more profitable trades.
  • The “Momentum + RSI” Strategy
  • Stochastic Strategy
  • Bollinger Zigzag strategy
  • Trading on Fibonacci Levels
  • Bollinger Breakdown trade Strategy
  • Trading on the news.
  • The “Elder’s Triple Screen” Strategy.

All these strategies can be found on Binomo’s website, along with the level of expertise you need to have to use these strategies, as well as with a full guide on how to trade without any losses.  

Can it be any simpler than this? To get the right outcome from these strategies, it is advised to have a good knowledge of critical indicators. Along with knowing about your Strategies and indicators, you still need to be smart about the money you invest. Never invest any amount you cannot afford to lose.

If you have useful insights and are even remotely interested in online investments, Binomo can be your holy grail. Guiding you every step of the way, turning you from Idle to Ideal.

The platform’s trading training centers will provide you with everything you need. Binomo will teach you everything from creating strategies, tools & indicators, asset pricing, etc. to ensure that your experience is nothing less than productive. All they need from you is a little interest and determination, and you will be cherishing profitable investments sooner than you can imagine.

Binomo Mobile App

binomo mobile app

Owing to the expansive diversity that technology provides to the world, Binomo recognizes the influence of a mobile presence to transmit information to their expansive clientele, with options to access the platform and market anytime. The Binomo mobile app is offered for both Android and iOS users.

The only place that seems to have information about the mobile platform is near the central section of the home page. The platform notifies the user via push notifications about any updates or announcements, or any upcoming tournament under milliseconds of them being announced. The mobile application is also a very suitable option for people who would prefer having the updates of all time in their hands and like to have traded on the go. 

Not only Binomo platform has won awards for best customer service or best innovative idea, but they have also won several awards for their mobile application;

  • Best Broker for Beginners FE Award, 2015.
  • Broker of the Year IAIR Award, 2016.

The application covers everything you would want for the execution of your trades. However, you would still want to use your desktop web version for a more in-depth analysis of your investments and to get to know all the treads and indicators. Being able to carry out your trades and invest anytime, anywhere, or even learn about new tactics in investment at any given time has excellent value for investors and businesses.

To conclude, Binomo mobile application makes everything so much better as accessibility and ease are everything these days. Also, the most fantastic thing about the app is you can get instant updates about every activity you perform, i.e., closing transactions, tournaments, and promotions. By using the mobile app, traders can execute their trades and invest in any asset they want without any problem.

Binomo application is created in a way to match its desktop design perfectly, aiming to provide a better experience for those who prefer trade by more accessible means.

Binomo é confiavel

Start Online Treading with Binomo

So, Download, try the Binomo application right now! And indulge yourself in the world of stocks, trades, and investments.

Binomo Account Types

Binomo platform has four different account types, catering to different users in addition to their demo account. The Demo account is for new traders to learn trading then switch to their real account. The real account is further divided into two types to suit the benefits of traders with different levels of expertise, – Gold and VIP.

Demo account – unlimited $1000

The demo account comes with virtual money, which although is similar to real money but comes from virtual funds for people to learn to trade and get to know the app before investing their real money. 

Demo Account comes with the following benefits;

  • Getting to know the whole platform, trading, investing, free of cost.
  • Get $1000 in your demo account for anytime you want.
  • A brilliant way to get into the world of trading
  • Learn the essential capital management skill for trading

Real account from $10

The users can switch from demo to real accounts, but they have to deposit a small amount of $10 in their accounts. Standard account gives you the benefits of;

  • Investing amounts as low as $1 on trade.
  • You will be allowed to make Withdrawal of your amount, within three business days.
  • Access to Tournaments.
  • Having access to the most popular trading assets, with 85% fixed profits.
  • Get Exciting bonuses

Gold account from $500

Somehow, we can say the Gold Binomo account is the better part of the “regular” Standard account.  Just like the standard account, this Gold account offers plus a series of privileges. Some of the include; 

  • Exciting bonuses
  • Hastened withdrawal process, up to a day or less
  • A comprehensive list of tradable assets 
  • Maximum profitability of about 86% and trade insurance bond on instruments.

If you’re looking at upgrading your account to something more worthy of your trading expertise, this option could be your best stop. 

VIP account from $3000

Traders who deposit the amount of $3000 or more become VIP traders. The VIP account is usually used by very experienced traders, having access to more assets and perks. The benefits of having a VIP account are; 

  • Being able to claim bonuses of up to 100%.
  • Getting up to 87% in trade profits
  • Withdrawal of profits in less than 4 hours.
  • Having access to a broader range of assets.
  • Investment Insurance.
  • Exclusive Features for VIPs only.
  • 10% cashback each week.

Opening an Account – Steps to Take

We have learned about the platform’s security, what it offers, as well as the means for utilizing it. The next thing would be taking the primary step to setting up the account. However you need to have an account before you can do that. 

To begin with, there’s a need for you to get registered on the platform. Once done, you’ll have to log in as a registered trader. In case, you do not already have an account, here is your guide to make a free account on Binomo;

Step 1:

Go to Binomo’s official website Click on Sign In present on the top right corner of the screen or “Try It” option available at the bottom.

Step 2:

After clicking on either of them, you will get a drop-down, upon filling that with your information and agreeing on terms and conditions. Choose your account type (Demo, Real, Gold or Vip).

Step 3:

After signing up on Binomo, you will receive an activation link on your email. On clicking that link, your account will be activated. 

Step 4:

Now log in to your Binomo account, customize it how you want and start trading. 

Binomo Deposit and Withdrawal Options:

Binomo offers a variety of options to traders to choose from to deposit in the safety of their accounts and securely and start investing. The minimum investment in your Binomo account will depend on your account type, varying from $10 to $3000. 

Unfortunately, traders from India might not be able to avail of all of these depositing options due to the country’s Government restrictions on options trading. Other than that, You can deposit money on your Binomo Account via following options;

  • Credit Cards (Unionpay, MasterCard, Visa)
  • Electronic Purses (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Neteller, etc.)
  • SMS-Banking.
  • ePayments

Moving on to money withdrawal, Binomo is known for making its customers experience the best they can ever get. Sadly, due to the reason, as mentioned earlier, i.e., government restrictions, Indian traders, there might come some problems in withdrawing the cash. For Indians, withdrawal options are limited to e-wallets.

You can withdraw your amount as low as $10, generally under 3-5 days (depending on the account type). Traders can initiate many withdrawals a day, and there are no restrictions on it. Binomo doesn’t charge any  kind of deposit, or withdrawal fee from its users. Furthermore, traders who wish to withdraw their amount soon after depositing it without trading anything will have to pay the broker a commission amount of 10%.

Yes, We Recommend Binomo

All things considered, The Binomo Platform is one of the very few platforms that are working relentlessly to come up with new innovative ideas and techniques to improve their service and customer experience. Making trading fun and easy while introducing so many new people to the world of investments. One can easily earn significant profits on this platform with a proper strategy.  

To give my opinion, Binomo is the most reliable broker for Binary Options Trading. They are providing their customers with everything they need to perform fruitful investments. New users feel comfortable using their platform as they support them by providing them with a demo account and cash to practice with and gain experiences. Binomo’s service is by far the most diverse and professional, having 213 countries on board with their platforms having more than 17 languages. 

We acknowledge the fact that the bar of quality and service should be very high for anyone to invest their capital on your platform, results showing millions of users doing it every year, just the deal for quality and commitment of Binomo. This platform has chosen to welcome all their client base with open arms and good will.

Binomo é confiavel

Total Skor: 92/100

Binomo Pros

  • A vast variety of options & Multiple payout methods
  • Good Customer Care Service