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The Top 8 Best High Leverage Brokers in India | A Complete Guide

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Binoptionen Writer - Cody Walls
Cody Walls

Are you looking for the BEST high leverage forex brokers in India? You came to the right place!

Brokers with high leverage are truly the A-game, especially if you want to earn higher returns.

And if you’re one of the Indian traders who want to trade on a BUDGET, leveraged trading is one of the great options you have on the table.

A high leverage broker in India is mostly rated based on several margins, including:

  • Intraday margin
  • Delivery margin
  • Futures margin
  • Options margin
  • Currency and commodities margin

If you want to know which trading platforms you should consider as a forex trader, stick with us.

We compiled the 8 best forex brokers with high leverage in India and enumerated all their pros and cons!

The 8 Best High Leverage Forex Brokers in India

Leveraged trading in platforms offering the highest leverage has its share of risks and benefits.

But, if you're one of the professional traders who have been exploring financial markets for a while, you'll probably find margin trading BENEFICIAL and HIGHLY PROFITABLE.

By going with a high leverage broker, you'll be able to increase your returns even with little trading capital.

Start your high-leverage trading venture with one of these forex brokers:

1.) Olymp Trade: Best Overall




Ease of use






Trading Fees


Overall: 4.9

Olymp Trade is an online trading platform that has gamified features. It opens the markets for trading CFDs, forex, and other commodities.

It’s a great platform for beginners and professional traders because it offers intuitive tools and advanced trading strategies that aid in creating the right trading predictions and decisions.

It also offers free demo accounts with 10,000 demo coins to treat the newbies. This demo account allows them to trade risk-free and venture into the market before they officially open an account.

Olymp Trade also provides educational materials that teach beginners how to go about their trading venture and properly use the strategies and tools available on the platform.

You can open multiple account types with Olymp Trade, and you can progress from one account to another by constantly trading and earning experience points.

Upon reaching Expert Status, you can earn up to 92% of returns on binary options trading. You can also avail of up to 1:500 leverage depending on the assets you wish to trade on the platform.


  • Intuitive tools and advanced trading strategies
  • Free demo account
  • Offers 92% returns in binary options
  • Up to 1:500 leverage


  • Few trading instruments

2.) IQ Option: Runner-Up



Ease of use






Trading Fees


Overall: 4.8

Another well-performing high-leverage broker on this list is IQ Option. It’s a good trading platform for forex, CFDs, and binary options.

Aside from being a forex, options, and CFD broker, it also offers other types of assets like ETFs.

Like Olymp Trade, IQ Option has various trading tools and strategies that help increase the chances of making the right predictions and earning high returns.

Aside from this, the platform is one of the European brokers that offer high leverage to traders, especially for those in non-EU countries.

You can benefit from up to a 1:1000 margin in forex trading, which is HIGHER than the limit imposed by SEBI (1:50). This is a great game changer, especially for currency traders!

If you’re trading CFDs, on the other hand, the leverage is flexible to 1:100. For commodities and stock indices, leverage trading can range up to 1:150, which is higher than the former.

NOTE: The 1:1000 margin is not available on all exotic and major currency pairs. Some pairs have a maximum of 1:100 leverage, like the USD/TRY.


  • 1:1000 available leverage for selected currencies
  • Offers reasonable spreads
  • Highly regulated
  • Allows trading with assets other than trading


  • Has inactivity fee
  • Can trade via CFDs

3.) Zerodha: Best for Active Traders

Zerodha is known to be one of the leading stock brokers in the country. This is a broker offering Demat account services that allow traders to explore several segments, including:

  • Equity
  • Currency pairs
  • Commodities
  • Mutual Funds
  • Bonds

Zerodha is one of the top-rated and fastest-growing fintech in India. Aside from offering advanced online trading tools for trading account holders, they also charge low brokerage fees (Rs. 20 or 0.03% per trade, whichever is lower).

They also offer up to 20x maximum leverage for intraday trading. In fact, they are one of the trading platforms in India that has the highest intraday margin.

Another available leverage is currency pairs and options with a 2x margin, similar to commodities.


  • Low brokerage fees
  • Exclusively covers Indian traders
  • High intraday trading margins


  • No protection for investors

4.) Vantage

vantagemarkets logo

Regulated brokers with high leverage are also something you should look for when scouting for a good platform for trading forex and different commodities.

Vantage is one of the brokers regulated in its country of origin, Australia. This offshore trading platform is monitored by FCA, ASIC, and VSFC.

For a trader to open an account with Vantage, they need to stake a minimum deposit of at least $200 (Rs. 16,000) for STP accounts and a minimum deposit of $500 (Rs. 40,000) for Raw ECN accounts. This is HIGHER than opening a standard account on other platforms.

In exchange, you’ll be able to trade 44 forex pairs and other assets like stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. And with the ECN account, you can access pairs with low spreads.

On the other hand, it only offers maximum leverage is 1:100. But if your account has higher equity, you can also enjoy a higher leverage of up to 1:500.


  • Offers indemnity assurance
  • 44 FX pairs available
  • Smart-trade add-ons for MetaTrader and copy trading platforms


  • Only offer 1:500 leverage for high-equity accounts
  • Costly minimum deposit

5.) Pepperstone

Pepperstone logo

Another good platform to do margin trading is Pepperstone. It allows you to trade over 1,200 instruments, including ETFs, crypto, stocks, and major pairs.

Aside from this, it offers raw spread accounts, allowing traders to access different market participants, major pairs, and instruments.

Additionally, they can trade these on a zero-spread basis, and it allows copy trading, too.

You can enjoy a maximum leverage of up to 1:400 for retail investor accounts and a maximum leverage of up to 1:500 margin for professional accounts.


  • Offers over 1,2000 trading instruments
  • Offers raw spread accounts and zero-spread trades
  • Allows copy trading
  • 1:400 leverage for retail investors


  • Leverage is a degree lower than other platforms
  • Mostly has CFDs available

6) Skilling

Skilling logo

Skilling is another amazing platform you can consider for margin trading, especially if you’re aiming for high leverage in forex.

Aside from major currencies, you can also trade other assets like CFDs via stocks, crypto, indices, and commodities.

Like most forex brokers that operate offshore, Skilling offers a whopping maximum leverage of 1:500, making it one of the best high-leverage forex brokers on the market.

Other things to like about this forex broker are its competitive spreads and 0% commissions. Plus, it’s also regulated by CySEC in Cyprus and FSA in Seychelles, so you’re sure it’s safe.


  • Regulated by CySEC and FSA
  • Offers 1:500 leverage like its competitors
  • Trades major currencies and other assets via CFDs
  • Has competitive spreads and 0% commissions


  • Limited payment options
  • Higher spreads on standard accounts

7) logo

Unlike other high-leverage brokers that allow margin trading via CFDs, enables direct access to the currency and stock market. Hence, it’s also a platform popularly used by traders based in the USA.

It’s also considered one of the best high-leverage forex brokers because, aside from the maximum leverage of 1:50, you also get to trade major pairs, exotics, and minor currencies. also has a commission account attracting $5 (Rs. 400) for every $100,000 (Rs. 8,000,000) traded instruments while still having tight spreads.


  • Allows direct access to the stock market without CFDs
  • Available for US traders
  • Has a commission account attracting $5 for every $100,000 trades
  • Lesser risks for margin calls


  • Has the lowest leverage

8) IG

IG logo

The last platform we can recommend if you wish to venture into leverage trading is IG.

Similarly, it has a high leverage margin of up to 1:500, allowing traders to trade 80 different currencies across different countries.

IG also has very tight spreads, starting at 0.8 pips. Yet, it requires a minimum deposit of $450 (Rs. 36,000) before you can open an account and start trading.


  • Tight spread (0.8 pips)
  • Offers 1:500 leverage
  • Offers educational tools


  • Costly minimum deposit
  • Limited assets

What Is Leverage in Forex Trading?

There is a concept called margin trading between traders and brokers in forex trading. Margin or leverage trading involves borrowing money or funds to increase the trader’s trading position.

In this context, the margin or leverage points to the amount the investor will deposit with the broker. It follows a similar concept of profit-to-revenue ratio.

A broker often offers leverage with certain limits. For example, if the margin account contains a 50% initial leverage, staking Rs. 10,000 will enable you to acquire Rs. 20,000 worth of assets.

Leverage limits would highly depend on different factors like the broker, asset class, and the country where you reside.

In India, the Stock Exchange Board of India (SEBI) set a new margin requirement which is capped at 50%.

But the good news is this DOESN’T affect leverage trading with offshore brokers. Hence, it’s still possible to gain high-leverage options, making it profitable for many traders!

What Is a High Leverage Forex Broker?

High-leverage forex brokers offer leverage GREATER than the country’s margin requirement.

As previously mentioned, SEBI capped the leverage for trading to 50% (1:50) to protect both brokers and traders.

But, since offshore brokers are not affected by this new margin rule, they can still offer higher leverages than the cut-off.

This gives a greater leeway for professional traders to GAIN CONFIDENCE in their accounts and be able to trade and acquire high-priced assets.

Yet, you also need to understand that you should not go right ahead with high-leverage forex brokers. You need to make sure that they’re regulated brokers first before making transactions.

There may be a lot of offshore brokers with high leverage on the market today, but it’s a matter of ensuring your trading account and assets are SAFE.

The Advantages of Trading With High Leverage

There are many reasons why you should go with high-leverage forex brokers. It’s a great option when you are:

Trading on a Budget

If you’re already skilled and confident to trade forex and want to do this for a living, high-leverage forex brokers can help you acquire good assets.

This will be beneficial, especially if you don’t have enough money to invest in capital, and it will eventually help boost your monthly profit.

Exploring Low Volatility Markets

Leverage trading can also aid you in gaining good profit out of the low volatility market, especially when investing in major forex pairs.

Even if these major forex pairs rarely move, traders can still enhance their return potential while still minimizing risk.

Engaging in Low-Risk and High-Profit Trades

Brokers with high leverage similarly offer negative balance protection to professional clients. Hence, by leverage trading, you won’t lose more than what you have in your trading account.

If you stake Rs. 5,000 in a 1:1000 margin requirement, you can gain up to Rs. 5,000,000, giving you a high profit.

The Risks of Trading With High Leverage

While there are many benefits to trading through brokers with high leverage, there are still risks you need to look out for, including:


There is a possibility that you will lose the money staked during forex trading due to liquidation. This may happen when the position’s value declines by a certain percentage.

Monetary Loss

Trading with a CFD broker is risky because there’s a chance that retail traders will lose a huge amount of money, often up to 80%.

This makes high-leverage forex brokers risky to handle as well, compared to those retail investor accounts generating profit consistently.

Factors to Consider for the Best High Leverage Broker in India

When looking for brokers with high leverage, it’s not enough that your only standard would be their margin requirement. You also need to look at the following factors:

#1 Regulation

As previously mentioned, a high-leverage broker should not only require increased margins for leverage trading.

It should also be regulated by a legitimate governing body in its country of origin.

This is to ensure that all your transactions are safe and secure and minimize the risk of fraud and loss of client funds.

#2 Commissions and Fees

You need to make sure that you understand all the commissions and fees charged by the platform before you start margin trading.

Forex brokers may earn money through commissions and spread-only accounts.

We suggest you look into platforms with tight spreads and low commission fees.

#3 Minimum Deposit

Aside from the capital you need to invest in margin trading, you also need to pay a minimum deposit to open an account.

While some require a deposit of as low as $10 (Rs. 800), others may require at least $200 or higher.

#4 Versatility

The availability of mobile apps is also a plus for trading platforms. This means you don’t need to sit in front of your computer all day to trade.

You can also do it whenever and wherever you are as you please.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having increased earnings in trading is such a treat for professional and retail traders.

Previously, we discussed the different perks of high-leverage trading and gave you a list of the best brokers with high leverage in India.

Yet, if you still have questions, read on! We’ll discuss more of your question in the next section:

What Is the Best Leverage for Trading?

A high-leverage broker in forex commonly offers an available leverage of 1:500. This is probably the best margin you can get, especially if you’re transacting from offshore brokers.

There are other platforms that offer available leverage that’s much higher than 1:500. But, trading at a higher margin would also mean an INCREASED RISK for monetary loss.

What’s the Maximum Leverage Available?

There are certain forex brokers that offer available leverage of up to 1:3000. This is probably the HIGHEST leverage you can get when trading forex.

However, you should understand that the highest leverage is like a double-edged sword. While it leverages your capacity to trade in numbers, it also increases your risks.

If you wish to trade with the highest leverage brokers, make sure to know about proper money management and margin call.

Which Broker Has a 1:1000 of Leverage?

There are many brokers online with available leverage of 1:1000. But for this list, the broker offering such a margin is IQ Option.

Yet, this is not the case for all of its major and exotic pairs. Margins may still vary depending on the currency pairs you wish to trade.

Which Broker Gives the Highest Margin in 2022?

The broker with the highest available leverage in 2022 is those that offer up to a 1:3000 margin. These include:

  • JustForex
  • FxGlory
  • FBS
  • Capital Street FX
  • AximTrade
  • Alpari

Yet, their margin is not enough to say that they’re the best on the market, as there are other factors to consider when choosing trading platforms.


Margin trading is truly helpful, especially for traders who wish to MAKE HIGH RETURNS out of their trades. Of course, high returns would also mean good income.

However, you must understand that while there may be a “best high leverage forex broker” offering big margins, such numbers also mean greater risks.

Hence, we don’t recommend this for beginners but for professionals only. Leverage is still in itself borrowed money, and you must return it to the broker after making a profit.




Ease of use






Trading Fees


Overall: 4.9