This website aims to preserve the legacy of the Beyond 2015 Campaign after its activities ended in October 2015. Click here for more information on this website and how to navigate it. Thank you to all the organisations and individuals who contributed to the success of Beyond 2015!

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Take a look! "Transforming our world: Canadian perspectives on the Sustainable Development Goals”

Interesting report from the Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC) - Beyond 2015's lead agency in Canada - compiling perspectives of Canadian experts from domestic and international organisations on Agenda 2030 and its 17 SDGs. Don't miss out on this interesting read. Download the report in English or French.

Reflections on Beyond 2015

“We are dismayed in particular that people with disabilities were left behind in the MDGs, and our engagement with Beyond 2015 is part of our fight to ensure that this does not happen in the post 2015 framework." (Caroline Harper, CEO, Sightsavers)
“(…) la articulación con Beyond ha permitido a UNITAS expresar y debatir la perspectiva crítica de la organizaciones de la base que representan a los sectores más pobres y la sociedad civil boliviana en los planos regional y global.” (Susana Eróstegui, Executive Director, UNITAS, Bolivia)
“Being part of a grassroots organization, it has been great to be given the privilege to help facilitate and witness how Beyond 2015 has able to amplify the voices, views and perspectives of the people living in poverty and those vulnerable and marginalized.” (Nanette Antequisa, ECOWEB, The Philippines)
“National CSOs are naturally lacking the hands and ‘political infrastructure’ to speak at the UN and other international fora. Beyond 2015 has been and is providing a ‘helping hand’ for national CSOs such as INFID working to influence the post-2015 agenda.” (Sugeng Bahagijo, INFID, Indonesia)
“The campaign combines knowledge and demands from real life and explores new critical insights, putting them in the process shaping the future agenda that must work better for the people.” (Ahmed Swapan, VOICE, Bangladesh)
"It is power not paper that changes people's lives."
“La agenda nos llevó a tener un mayor y mejor conocimiento empírico y teórico sobre los temas y discusiones de desarrollo y derechos humanos, lo cuál ha culificado nuestra intervención en diferentes ámbitos y proyectos.” (final evaluation survey carried out in September-October 2015)
“Beyond 2015 has been an excellent platform for the environment and development to work together in partnership for the post-2015 framework. It has done a fantastic job of tracking a convoluted UN process and providing us with insight into the best moments to engage.” (Neva Frecheville, former co-chair of Beyond 2015 and formerly of CAFOD)
“A lot of people at the UN see Beyond 2015 as the go-to civil society network on post-2015.” (special adviser of a member of the High Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Agenda – September 2012)
“2015 is not the end, it is just the beginning!”
“Rather than talking on behalf of marginalised and vulnerable communities, with a multi-layered academic analysis, Beyond 2015 has ensured, through the Participatory Research Group, that they are directly involving people most affected by poverty and injustice in the post-2015 discussions and providing platforms for them to articulate meaningfully, rather than tokenistically.‏”
“You can’t talk about post-2015 without mentioning the Beyond 2015 Campaign.”
“(…) o esforço da Campanha em buscar garantir uma atuação permanente e qualificada de organizações de várias partes do mundo, tem sido mais que bem-vinda na atual conjuntura de retrocessos que observamos na UN.” (Alessandra Nilo, Gestos / Brazilian Association of NGOs - ABONG)
“There have been so many highlights for the Campaign this year, but mentioning highlights will never do justice to all the work that goes into ensuring that civil society has a consistently strong voice in all the national discussions, conferences and consultations.” (Co-chairs of Beyond 2015, Beyond 2015 ‘2014 Influencing Report’)
“Koordinasyon at ang paglahok ng mamamayan ang dalawa sa pinakamainam na katangian ng Beyond 2015.” [Two of the best things in the Beyond 2015 campaign are the power of coordination and peoples’ participation] (Gomer Padong, National Coordinator of the Beyond 2015 Philippine National hub)
“What I found most enjoyable was the opportunity to meet and work with such exceptionally committed and knowledgeable colleagues from around the world, which included both the staff and the membership.“ (final evaluation survey carried out in September-October 2015)
“Beyond 2015 has been one of the key vehicles for bringing people’s voices into what would otherwise risk being a conversation between diplomats in New York.” (Paul Murphy, Executive Director, Saferworld, United Kingdom)
“The Beyond 2015 Campaign has played a key role in enhancing outreach and strengthening representation of CSOs around the globe in the intergovernmental processes related to post-2015 thus far.” (Nikhil Seth, Director of the Division for Sustainable Development in the Department of Economic and Social Affairs - UN DESA)
“We want a strong and legitimate framework that is simple enough to be actionable and yet capable of powerfully challenging inequality, poverty and environmental destruction.” (Co-chairs of Beyond 2015, Beyond 2015 ‘2013 Influencing Report’)
“Hemos ampliado nuestros objetivos, atrayendo el interés de actores del desarrollo, a través de nuestro enfoque analítico y de transferencia de conocimiento, hacia diferentes actores, incluyendo a gobiernos, organismos internacionales, sociedad civil, sector privado, academia y otros en la región.” (Priscilla Miranda, CEPEI, Colombia)
“You have persuaded me that the time has come to look seriously at the question of what happens after the MDGs.” (Hugh Bayley, MP, 2011)
“Beyond 2015 has played a crucial role in ensuring that voices from the national level and the grassroots have enriched the ongoing post-2015 discussions. These efforts have helped to inspire consensus around the need for a transformative universal agenda that will ensure a more resilient and sustainable life of dignity for all.” (Amina Mohammed, Special Adviser of the UN Secretary General on Post-2015 Development Planning)
“The work of planning the post-2015 development agenda is being enriched by the robust and constructive engagement from Beyond 2015 and other stakeholders. Your people-centred and planet-sensitive advocacy efforts will also inform the preparation of the Secretary General’s synthesis report.” (Amina Mohammed, Special Adviser of the UN Secretary General on Post-2015)
“Working with Beyond 2015 inaugurated a new era of global civil society cooperation with high repercussion at the local level.” (John Patrick Ngoyi, JDPC, Nigeria)
“Association with the Beyond 2015 campaign has provided a small and cash starved organization like ours the courage to access national and global spaces in which we would otherwise be considered too small to be relevant.” (Mwangi Waituru, The Seed Institute, Kenya)
“Conversations with Beyond 2015’s European Task Force have proved an excellent source of interesting and innovative ideas on how to approach the complex issues a post-2015 framework will need to address. I look forward to continuing to work with them next year.” (Andris Piebalgs, European Commissioner for Development between 2010-2014)
“Beyond 2015’s contribution to the Post 2015 development agenda process has been key. It has engaged civil society representatives from different regions and different sectors to speak as one on non-negotiable development and environmental issues.” (Magdalena Robert, Special Adviser to the High Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post-2015 Agenda member Graça Machel)
“Parliamentarians have not been aware of what is being cooked and yet it will be brought to us to implement. By participating in the Beyond 2015 Copenhagen stocktaking conference I am now informed and inspired to mobilise legislators to play their legislative and representation roles in the shaping of the global development priorities.” (Hon. Rachel Wambui Shebesh - women representative, Nairobi county, Kenya, and member of the Pan African Parliament)
“The old days, when decisions were made by a few behind closed doors, are long gone. It is our task to make sure that civil society is included and engaged in all stages of decision making, implementation and accountability in a systematic and meaningful way, so we can all benefit from their contribution. We trust that platforms such at Beyond 2015 will be very important partners in achieving this objective.” (Alicia Bárcena, Executive Secretary of UN ECLAC)
“Being at the frontline of the climate crisis with island nations literally drowning from the onslaught of sea level rise, Beyond 2015 has been a lifeline making us feel heard. Although we are small and not well understood, through Beyond 2015 we have seen the direct impact of such a powerful force of collective civil society lobby.” (Emele Duituturaga, Executive Director, PIANGO)
“Beyond 2015 has played a very significant role in shaping the post-2015 framework, engaging hundreds of CSOs and communities, placing grassroots demands in the highest policy forum for a just and fairer world based on the principles of equality and human rights.” (Ahmed Swapan, VOICE, Bangladesh)
“Beyond 2015 provided an excellent network facility for our participation in the post 2015 process. The collective weight of civil society advocacy through Beyond 2015 was impressive and good to be part of. It was challenging [though] to keep up with progress from a distance if not part of New York happenings, although the global calls were useful for intel sharing.“ (final evaluation survey carried out in September-October 2015)
“Beyond 2015 has been a valuable partner to the UN and its Member States in this endeavor by bringing together the perspectives and expertise of a wide variety of organizations involved in the implementation of all the Millennium Development Goals and in the promotion of sustainable development." (Jorge Laguna-Celis, Senior Advisor to the President of the General Assembly)
“What impressed me most about this conference was the level of commitment to address inequality and the bottom-up, transformative approach with proper citizen participation.” (Anjali Sen, South Asia Regional Director of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), speaking about the Beyond 2015 Copenhagen Conference in 2014)
“The Beyond 2015 platform has helped to scale up the call for just, open, inclusive and effective governance as part of the new set of post-2015 commitments.“ (Cobus de Swardt, Managing Director, Transparency International)
“Beyond 2015 will strive to ensure it is a platform where those who are usually shut out from these debates are leading front and centre.” (Co-chairs of Beyond 2015, Beyond 2015 ‘2013 Influencing Report’)
“Igår på plats i New York hade vi 12 medlemsländer runt bordet som alla lyssnade på och diskuterade Beyond 2015 kamp(ens meddelanden - för att de ville prioritera detta!” [Yesterday in New York we had 12 Member States sitting around a table this morning just reading and listening to B2015 messages – just because they wanted to!] (Hanna Hansson, Beyond 2015 Sweden Coordinator, Concord Sweden)
“Beyond 2015 has played a constructive role in ensuring that this process not only involves people the world over but also responds to the needs and aspirations of especially those living in poverty and marginalisation. This much appreciated effort reinforces the UNSG's call for an open, inclusive and transparent process leading to a bold yet practical outcome on the post-2015 agenda.” (Nelson Muffuh, Executive Office of the UN Secretary-General)
“Rather than back away from what was a contentious issue between Member States, Beyond 2015 made peace one of its key values. Because of this kind of principled engagement, we’ve seen the debate over the inclusion of peace in the post-2015 development framework move forward in a considerably positive direction.” (Paul Murphy, Executive Director, Saferworld, United Kingdom)

Next steps

Are you wondering what steps civil society is taking to support the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) now that the Beyond 2015 Campaign has ended (Oct. 2015)?