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Bali Meetings (March 2013)

See here for key documents of the HLP meeting in Bali

See here for the HLP Communique and here for Beyond2015's response to it.

The High Level Panel will hold its fourth consultative meeting in Bali, Indonesia from 25 to 27 March 2013.

The discussions of the Panel in Bali, Indonesia will focus on Partnership and Cooperation for Development, with a focus on strategies for implementation and opportunities to shape a global consensus on the new development agenda.

Please find here the Program of the Stakeholder Outreach Day that will be held on 25 March 2013 as part of the High Level Panel Meetings in Bali.

Do note that the CSO application process is now closed. You can find the announcement of CS participants here.

Details of the key framing questions that will be discussed by the Panelists in the Bali meeting are also available here.

Beyond 2015 has created coordinated input on the following framing questions :

  • Q18. How will a new framework encourage partnerships and coordination between and within countries at all stages of development, and with non-state actors such as business, civil society and foundations?
  • Q20. How can accountability mechanisms be strengthened? What kind of monitoring process should be established? How can transparency and more inclusive global governance be used to facilitate achievement of the development agenda?
  • Q23. How can we build and sustain global consensus for a new framework, involving member states, the private sector and civil society?
  • Q24. How can our work be made coherent with the process to be established by the intergovernmental Open Working Group on the Sustainable Development Goals?

See Beyond 2015's responses here.