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Beyond 2015 worked hard to influence the content of the post-2015 framework by establishing an open and participatory process to develop a shared, global civil society position on 4 conceptual foundations of the framework.

Key documents produced by the Campaign:

  • Table showing how the Campaign's proposed targets relate to its seven foundational values (June 2014) - click here
  • Position paper "Beyond 2015 values and targets for the post-2015 agenda" (March 2014) - click here
  • Think Piece on the post-2015 agenda: "A crisis facing all, but most felt by those facing poverty and injustice" - click here
  • Background on Beyond 2015's Values and Targets - click here
  • Content Strategy: EnglishFrench and Spanish


This is the broader state in which we want the world to be and towards which we want the post-2015 framework to be working.


This is the particular role of the framework, describing exactly how the framework is going to contribute towards the changes necessary to achieve the vision.


The Values are both elements that are integral to our Vision – a world where these Values are embodied – and means by which we will achieve our Purpose -as they also govern the process of implementation of the framework.


The criteria are means to evaluate specific proposals for goals. These should facilitate a basic but systematic assessment of whether a proposed goal is a strong option for a post-2015 framework.