Draft 3.0 of the Beyond2015’s statement on the PURPOSE of a Post-2015 framework is now available! Please rate the draft below and send your feedback by using the form below!!!

Thanks to all for sending your comments on the previous drafts (see draft 1.0 and draft 2.0). A workshop took place in Nairobi, Kenya, on 11-12 June 2013 where comments gathered online and through national deliberations were taken into consideration and new drafts were produced. See here and below draft 3.0: 

Purpose statement (v.3.0)

The Purpose of the post-2015 framework is to:

  • Enable coherence and prioritization of action - identifying what needs to be done to achieve sustainable change which benefits ALL, ensuring coherence between different development and environment agendas, and prioritizing those issues with the greatest potential for delivering progress towards our Vision;

  • Secure commitment to action – building global consensus and solidarity; incentivizing and requiring coordinated, collective action by actors in all countries, at all levels (global, state, private sector, civil society); and focusing economic, natural, political and social resources to drive a process of change;

  • Ensure accountability for action – holding states and other actors to account in meeting their commitments and achieving impact against the identified goals through transparent mechanisms and processes, including stakeholder participation at all levels.

What’s this?

This section provides a draft on the Purpose of the framework. The Purpose is is the role that the international community ascribes to the post-2015 framework and that it should be held accountable to.  The development of the Purpose must include clear accountability for each aspect of the framework, to enable reflection, learning, re-planning and if necessary, changes of direction within -  or even of -  the overall Purpose statement. Above all, the Purpose must direct political, economic and social resources at the issues which matter most to people living in acute poverty and ensure not just absolute improvement in measurable indicators of poverty, but also improvements in the equality of relative progress within those indicators.

The original draft was developed using materials from civil society and other sources, including the Millennium Declaration, Civicus World Assembly declarations, material from the High Level Panel, inputs from human rights organisations and several other aspects of the Beyond 2015 campaign.

A second draft was produced after a workshop in Geneva in January 2013 (see here) and the third one is the result of the discussions at the Nairobi workshop (11-12 June 2013).

What now?

You are encouraged to look at the drafts and let us know what you think of them by sending your comments and rate the current versions using the form below.

Whenever the satisfaction levels on these sections dip below 50%, this will trigger an automatic redraft.

This is a great opportunity to contribute to the definition of our common positions going forwards and of the lens through which Beyond 2015 assesses the High Level Panel’s and other UN actors’ reports and positions! 

You will find more information on this process in Beyond2015's Content Strategy here.

All comments

Vipin Bhatt, Independent
Thursday, July 17, 2014 - 11:45
along with the "Ensure accountability for action" can we include the word "Ensure accountability and enforceablility of the action"
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