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Enriching the post-2015 debate through perspectives from people living in poverty and marginalisation

"Participate: knowledge from the margins for post-2015"

"Participate: Knowledge from the margins for post-2015" is an inititative which was established to ensure that the post-2015 agenda would reflect the priorities of those directly affected by poverty and injustice, by gaining a more accurate insight into the realities of how people experience poverty and how they think change is possible at ground level, and by feeding these views into the global formulation process of the post-2015 agenda. Click here for more information, and visit Participate's official website.

Key results of the Participate initiative

Highlights include:

  • Recommendations for policy makers and advocacy groups, resulting from 5 Participate workshops: click here
  • Contributing to coining the "people" and "participation" Ps which became central to the post-2015 agenda outcome document (Ambasador Macharia Kamau first used the Ps during a side-event co-hosted by Participate in February 2015 during the post-2015 negotiation session: "Leaving no one behind: "The perspectives of African Parliamentarians, Civil Society and Volunteer Groups for a Transformative Post-2015 Development Agenda".
  • Blogs, academic papers and policy briefs: click here to read these publications, and here to read blogs by members of the Participatory Research Group
  • Inputs to Beyond 2015 advocacy positions