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Group's Description

The European Task Force of Beyond 2015 (see its Terms of Reference) is open to all European (EU and non-EU) participating organisations in Beyond 2015. The ETF works with CSO partners to develop joint European civil society positions on the Post-2015 Agenda, and advocates (nationally and in Brussels) to influence the positions of European Institutions and EU Member States in line with the ETF messages.

The taskforce is led by a Steering Group currently (May 2015) formed by representatives of: 11.11.11, BOND, CAN Europe, Cercle de Coopération des ONG de développement/Caritas Luxembourg, CIDSE, CONCORD Sweden, European Environmental Bureau, Kehys ry, LAPAS, Plan EU Office (Co-chair), Save the Children, VSO International, World Vision and WWF (Co-chair).  

Please contact Lonne Poissonnier, Beyond 2015's European Coordinator, at lpoissonnier@beyond2015.org to join the ETF.


ETF's Work

  • Beyond 2015 ETF reaction to the final draft outcome document for the post-2015 sustainable development agenda (see here)
  • Beyond 2015 ETF's full analysis of the May 2015 Council Conclusions 'A New Global Partnership for Poverty Eradication and Sustainable Development after 2015', June 2015 (See here)
  • Beyond 2015 ETF reaction to the zero draft outcome document for the post-2015 sustainable development agenda, June 2015 (See here)
  • Beyond 2015 ETF red flags for the UN post-2015 ouctome document, May 2015 (See here)
    CONCORD-Beyond 2015 ETF policy reaction to the May 26 Foreign Affairs Council conclusions 'A New Global Partnership for Poverty Eradication and Sustainable Development after 2015'
  • CONCORD-Beyond 2015 ETF Position on the Means of Implementation of the Post-2015 framework (See here)
  • Why peace must be at the centre of a transformative sustainable development agenda, ETF Briefing Paper, February 2015 (See here)
  • Tanya Cox's speech at the Opening of  EYD2015, Jan 2015 (See here)
  • ESG Analysis of Council Conclusions, Dec 2014 (See here)
  • ESG Initial Reaction to the UN Secretary-General's Synthesis Report (See here). See also CONCORD FfD Task Force's inital reaction on the Financing for Development aspects of the report here.
  • Recommendations on Means of Implementation (MoI) for a comprehensive Sustainable Development Framework, Nov 2014 (See here)
  • Advocacy Paper and Key Messages regarding upcoming Council Conclusions on Post-2015
  • Business’ Accountability, ETF Briefing Paper, October 2014 (See here)
  • A Human Rights-Based Post 2015 Framework, ETF Briefing Paper, October 2014 (See here)
  • ETF Meeting "Strategizing for the final stretch" (6-7 Oct, Brussels). Click here for more information.  
  • Messages to EU Development Ministers ahead of Informal Ministerial Meeting, 14 July 2014 (See letter and Annnex)
  • Recommendations on non-financial Means of Implementation for a comprehensive Sustainable Development Framework, July 2014 (See here)
  • ETF Reaction to EC Communication "A decent Life for all: from vision to collective action" (See here)
  • Messages to EU Development Ministers ahead of Foreign Affairs Council, 19 May 2014 (See template letter, see key messages on Post-2015
  • Reaction to OWG's Revised Focus Areas Document - April 2014 (See here)
  • Reaction to OWG's Focus Areas Document - February 2014 (See here)s
  • Briefing Paper for the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly (17-19 March 2014) (English, French)
  • DEEEP's Webinar Global Education in the Post2015 agenda (13 February 2014) (Watch it here)
  • ETF Workshop: Taking our recommendations to the next level (Report, Background papers: Integration, Universality, Human Rights-Based Approach, PCD, Private Sector).
  • ETF's contribution to Concord’s submission to the EC consultation on the role of the Private Sector in Development (See here)
  • Red Lines the EU Must Adhere to in Negotiating the Post-2015 Framework (See here)
  • A new dawn for development? (See here)
  • Financing for Development Negotiations - what should the EU bring to the table? (See here)
  • ETF Reactions to Council Conclusions on Post-2015 (See here)
  • CONCORD Media Statement on FAC Conclusions (See here)
  • ETF Messages to EU Member States on the Council Conclusions (See here)
  • CONCORD Cotonou Working Group - Beyond 2015 European Task Force Joint Briefing paper for the 25th Session of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly, 17-19 June 2013 (See here)
  • Report of the launch of the ETF Position "Putting people and Planet First (Brussels, 2 May 2013) (See here)
  • Putting people and Planet First, European Task Force Position on Post-2015 (See here)
  • CONCORD-Beyond2015 ETF Proposed Amendments to draft EP DEVE Committee Report on Post-2015 (See here)
  • CONCORD-Beyond2015 ETF's Reaction to the EC Communication (See here)
  • Submission of the European Task Force to the EC Consultation on Post-2015 (See here)
  • Beyond 2015 ETF Key Messages for Informal Development Ministers Meeting (Dublin, February 2013) (See here)
  • The World We Want Seminar (See here and report here)
  • Background papers for The World We Want Seminar (See here)
  • Tanya Cox's speech at the Global Civil Society Symposium: Food Security and Nutrition in the Post-2015 Framework, Nicosia, 22-23 Nov 2012 (here)
  • Discussion paper for the European Development Days (See here)
  • Report of the Beyond 2015 session at the EDDs 2011 (See here)

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Official Process 2014-2015

"Putting People and Planet First" 

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