Executive Committee

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A maximum of 12 CSOs sit on the Executive Committee, reflecting the diversity of the membership of Beyond 2015. After a global selection process ending in March 2014, the Executive Committee of Beyond 2015 is formed by representatives of:

Executive Committee Co-Chairs are Sightsavers (Andrew Griffifths) and the Organisation of African Youth (George Ngundu)


The mandate of the Executive Committee includes:

  • To represent Beyond 2015 in national, regional and international meetings and other fora related to Beyond 2015. All members of the Executive Committee should be able and willing to speak on behalf of Beyond 2015 with their constituencies, or at national, regional or international level.
  • To provide guidance in the on-going discussion on the future of Beyond 2015.
  • To be consulted on organisational management issues regarding Beyond 2015.
  • To guide and overview work of the Secretariat.
  • To implement the work plan and to ensure financial sustainability of the campaign until the end of the mandate.
  • To develop influencing plans and positions.
  • To engage constituencies in influencing opportunities.

For more details on the role of the Executive Committee please see its Terms of Reference (English / Spanish / French).

For archived information about the Executive Committee in 2011-2012, click here

For archived information about the Executive Committee in 2012-2014, click here.