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A series of events marked Beyond 2015's engagement in the post-2015 process. These events encompass events (co)hosted by Beyond 2015, and others in which the Campaign engaged.

Among these events:

  • World Social Forum (February 2011): Beyond 2015 organised a closed meeting with two dozen colleagues from throughout the world to create the first draft of the ‘Essential Must Haves’ of the post-2015 development framework, and a larger public meeting bringing together almost 100 people, to refine the ‘Essential Must Haves’ and plan future work.
  • CIVICUS World Assembly (September 2012): During this assembly civil society agreed on the need for an open, inclusive, transparent, and consultative post-2015 process, which takes into account the aspirations of people most affected by poverty and climate change, as expressed by those people themselves, as a starting point. The collective agreement also related to the need for a post-2015 process founded on principles of social justice, solidarity, human dignity, and freedom, without any form of discrimination.
  • Beyond 2015 CSO Conference in Copenhagen (November 2014): 170 civil society representatives from 46 countries gathered to discuss the outcome of the 2014UN General Assembly session and the forthcoming UN Secretary General Synthesis Report on the Post-2015 genda, and to strategise for the crucial and final year of the post-2015 negotiations. Addressing the social, economic and environmental aspects of inequality was a specific theme for the conference. More here.
  • Beyond 2015 high-level during the 2015 UN Summit (September 2015): Beyond 2015 gathered civil society and government representatives to share national plans for implementation of Agenda 2030 and discuss civil society's role in its delivery. More here.