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London Meetings (Nov 2012)

High Level Panel Meeting (1 November 2012) on issues related to individual and household level poverty, including a particular focus on human development. More information on this event is available here and here.

HLP discussions with Civil Society (2 November). The official HLP meeting was followed by a day of engagement with civil society. The Bond Beyond 2015 UK group led two events for civil society engagement: a series of Civil society roundtables with HLP members and a plenary event at London's Town Hall which allowed 200 civil society organisations to ask questions to members of the HLP. You can find an overview of the different sessions in the links below:

Brriefing by the Special Envoys of the HLP Co-Chairs and the HLP Secretariat
The six Civil Society Roundtables
The Youth Event
The Private Sector Roundtable
The Town Hall meeting

More information on these events is available here. You can also read here the Press Statement the HLP issued at the conclusion of the Panel’s second meeting on 2 November 2012.

These in-person events in London were preceded by an Online Consultation at www.worldwewant2015.org/post2015hlp (see UN NGLS report on the online consultation here and here).