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National Hubs - United Kingdom

The Bond Beyond 2015 UK group provides a platform for Bond members and other UK NGOs active in the post-2015 agenda to work together to ensure the UK plays a leading role in securing a legitimate, overarching and cross-thematic framework for development after 2015.

The group has over 100 member organisations and is a cross-sector forum for sharing information, planning and coordinating action to influence the UK government to ensure the process towards a new global framework for development is participatory, inclusive and responsive to the voices of those directly affected by poverty and injustice. 

Bond Beyond 2015 UK has an elected steering committee of 12 UK-based organisations, responsible for leading the work of the group and keeping it focused and effective.

The group has recently released a draft thematic paper with key messages on 19 different issues and a thematic analysis of the HLP report – the closest indication we have of the UK government’s position.

Other examples of activity by the group include:

  • Thematic roundtables to inform the UK’s position ahead of OWG meetings
  • An event for UK CSOs to engage with co-chair of the  Expert Group on Financing
  • Recently hosted the UK Secretary of State Justine Greening at a send-off event to debate the post-2015 agenda ahead of the UN General Assembly in September 2013
  • Thematic briefing paper and policy briefings to parliamentarians on post-2015, based on VPVC but targeted for UK audience

For more information about the Bond Beyond 2015 UK Group and its activities, please visit its website here or contact advocacy@bond.org.ukDiego Martinez, Helen Dennis or Kate Munro