Beyond 2015 suggestions for the UN High Level Panel

Beyond 2015 recommends civil society representatives to the UN High Level Panel on a post-2015 development framework.

Following conversations with colleagues in the UN Secretary General’s office suggesting we proactively participate in the process to create a UN High Level Panel on a post-2015 development framework, the campaign established a process to collectively recommend civil society representatives to participate in the UN High Level Panel. The Executive Committee sent a letter today (5 April 2012) to the Secretary General of the United Nations, detailing these recommendations.

Over 30 nominations were received from around the globe, and 48 Beyond 2015 organisations from 23 countries ranked the nominees on three criteria:

  1. High level experience and expertise
  2. Track record of championing the interests of people living in poverty, well-recognised achievements on tackling poverty, injustice and environment, human rights, health and gender equality with real depth and insight on these issues.
  3. Genuine engagement with Beyond 2015, and commitment to listen to, reflect and represent the positions of the campaign. 

Beyond 2015 thus recommended to the Secretary General that he invites the following civil society representatives onto the UN High Level Panel when it is established.

  1. Kumi Naidoo, Greenpeace International, The Netherlands (originally from South Africa)
  2. Justin Kilcullen, Trocaire and Concord, Ireland
  3. Graca Machel, The Elders and Africa Progress Panels, Mozambique
  4. Leymah Gbowee, Women, Peace and Security Network Africa and Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa, Liberia
  5. Roberto Bissio, Social Watch, Uruguay

This was not an official process, and the fact that the Beyond 2015 campaign have suggested specific representatives is in no way a guarantee that these individuals will be selected. We have been unofficially encouraged to make these suggestions, not officially requested!

The next step is to ensure that these recommendations are acted on. We look forward to working with you to do this. Please help publicise these recommendations by tweeting and blogging about them, and highlighting them to your government and UN contacts.

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