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Beyond 2015's reaction to the Open Working Group's 'Zero Draft'

Beyond 2015 has shared our reaction and recommendations on the OWG Co-Chairs' 'Zero Draft' 'INTRODUCTION AND PROPOSED GOALS AND TARGETS ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT FOR THE POST 2015 DEVELOPMENT AGENDA'. 

Key points from the Beyond 2015 reaction include:

  • We strongly welcome the re-inclusion of a goal focusing on reducing inequality within and among countries and call on Member States to support this.
  • We also welcome progress on the Human Rights Based Approach: many targets now display the required level of aspiration. We encourage Member States to bear in mind the Human Rights Litmus Test throughout their negotiations.
  • We are pleased to see the continued presence of Goal 16 on ‘Peaceful and inclusive societies, rule of law, effective and capable institutions’, as it is pivotal to the success of the post-2015 agenda
  • While we welcome a standalone goal on climate change, we suggest it should include more concrete and ambitious targets. 
  • We are still concerned about universality - the document should be clear that all goals and targets apply to all countries,  and should be applied with appropriate differentiation and international support according to their country context: it currently is not.
  • Instead of aiming at sustaining per capita economic growth, which is not necessarily compatible with a goal on sustainable consumption and production, the OWG should look to promote inclusive, pro-poor and sustainable economic development (rather than growth), focusing on positive impacts for the poorest and most marginalised groups within each national context.
  • The OWG should prioritise a report that encompasses the breadth and diversity of issues on the table, rather than seeking to streamline too early, at the expense of a transformative post-2015 sustainable development agenda.

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