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Post-2015 blogs - 2013

Below is a non-exhaustive list of blogs about the post-2015 process, written by members of Beyond 2015 and others in 2013.
Time for leaders to listen to the people and commit to a single process of defining a single post-2015 agenda, by Mwangi Waituru, Neva Frecheville and Leo Williams, Beyond 2015, September 2013 (also available in en French and Spanish)

Beyond 2015 reflections on who we are and where we are going, Beyond 2015 Executive Committee, August 2013 (also available in French and Spanish)

The HLP: hearing from the people?, by Neva Frecheville,CAFOD, June 2013

Who said inequality was too political?, by Kate Dooley, Save the Children UK, June 2013

La voix des migrants pour l’après 2015, by Samir Abi, Visions Solidaires, June 2013

El informe del Panel de Alto Nivel: un cuento de hadas conocido y malo!, by Josep Xercavins Valls, World Democratic Governance project Association, June 2013

Post 2015: Development redefined, but can we adjust?,  Chris Underwood, International Alert, June 2013

My Reflections on Disability, by Dominic Haslam, Sightsavers, May 2013

Ending Extreme Poverty In Our Generation, by Kate Dooley, Save the Children UK, May 2013

Health not so universal in the High-Level Panel, by Simon Wright, Save the Children UK, May 2013

Strategic Partnership with Young People – Key to the World We Want, Willice Onyango, 29 April 2013

Civil society preparation for the HLP meeting in Monrovia, by Neva Frecheville, Beyond 2015, Februrary 2013

Give the people access to means of livelihood, by Mwangi Waituru, Beyond 2015, Februrary 2013

Engage, Empower, Impact. An All-Embracing Development Agenda is the Only Way Forward, by Dagnachew Wakene, Secretariat of the Africa Decade of Persons with Disabilities, Februrary 2013

Are we making progress with building governance into the post 2015 framework?, by Leni Wild and Gina Bergh, Februrary 2013

Children and youths' potential rather than vulnerable groups in beyond MDGs framework, by Willice Onyango, 25 Februrary 2013

Forget post-2015 development goals – a global new deal is what's needed, The Guardian, 19 February 2013

Blogs from Monrovia, 19 February 2013

Young people recognised for their potential in Monrovia, 17 February 2013

Post 2015 Priorities: Eastern Europe and Central Asia, February 2013

The post-2015 High Level Panel met in Monrovia and…., Claire Melamed, ODI, February 2013

Absolute(ly Not) Zero, Center for Global Development, Charles Kenny, February 2013

Is disability emerging as an international rights issue?, Julia Modern, Action on Disability and Development., Februrary 2013

Setting out a framework for the post-2015 framework…, by Thea Shahrokh, Institute of Development Studies, and Leo Williams, Beyond 2015, January 2013

What are the politics? MDGs in a changing world, by Neva Frecheville, CAFOD, January 2013

Beyond2015: Children and Youth Working Group (Bulletin no.4), January 2013