Regional Hubs

At regional level, Beyond 2015 works through Regional Coordinators in charge of coordinating and ensuring the consistency of the work carried out in various states of a same region.

Regional Hubs:

Africa: Regional Coordinator: UWASNET. Contact Balkissa IDE SIDDO. To read more about Balkissa, click here

Asia: Regional Coordinator: CCC. Contact Soeung Saroeun. To read more about Soeung Saroeun, click here

Europe: Regional Coordinator: CONCORD. Contact Gerard Vives. To read more about Gerard, click here

Latin America: Regional Coordinator: MESA de ArticulaciĆ³n. Contact Miguel Santibanez and Nicolas Sautejeau. To read more about Miguel and Nicolas, click here

Pacific: Regional Coordinator: PIANGO. Contact Lani Vakatale. To read more about Lani, click here

Monthly updates from the Regional Coordinators

(Details of Regional Coordinators in 2013 are archived here.)