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Resources to understand the post-2015 process

Below is a compilation of resources to help you understand the big picture on the post-2015 process: in other words, essential background information on the process for the elaboration of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including key actors, interlinked processes and defining moments.

  • Interactive timeline of the post-2015 process: click here

  • Interactive timeline of Beyond 2015's engagement in the post-2015 process (milestones at the global level): click here

  • Timeline of the 2015 intergovernmental negotiations: click here

  • List of the 17 SDGs: click here

  • 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (full text): click here

  • Key actors in the post-2015 process: click here

Several organisations participating in the Beyond 2015 Campaign have produced interesting and useful resources. For instance, CAFOD produced a booklet on the SDGs entitled "Sustainable Development Goals - Action towards 2030" (available here), which contains an overview of the 17 SDGs, user-friendly information on the MDGs, the transition to the SDGs, and the key shifts from MDGs to SDGs, along with reflections on the universal character of the new agenda and tips for civil society engagement in its implementation.