UN High Level Panel


In July 2012, the UN Secretary General appointed a High Level Panel of 26 members (plus his Special Advisor on Post 2015, Ms Amina Mohammed) to set out a ‘bold and practical’ vision of the post-2015 development agenda.

The HLP was co-chaired by President Yudhoyono of Indonesia, President Sirleaf of Liberia and Prime Minister Cameron of the United Kingdom. The HLP and supporting secretariat are now disbanded.


Please follow the links below to find out more about the meetings of the High Level Panel.

New York (Sept 2012) (More information here)
London (Nov 2012) (More information here)
Monrovia (Jan 2013) (More information here)
Bali (March 2013) (More information here)
New York (May 2013) (More information here)


Informed by different consultative processes (including those organised around the meetings listed above), the HLP issued its report on 30 May 2013. The report argues that a post-2015 needs to be driven by five big, transformative shifts:

               1. leave no one behind,

               2. put sustainable development at the core,

               3. transform economies for jobs and inclusive growth,

               4. build peace and effective, open and accountable institutions

               5. forge a new global partnership.

Click here for more information on the HLP's report.



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