UN Working Group


The UN Working Group has been created to lead the campaign’s work on the relevant Advocacy Goal in Beyond 2015's Influencing Strategy for 2012, namely that "the United Nations has initiated a strong, legitimate and inclusive process of post-2015 planning and is leading this process".

More specifically, the group tries to ensure that:

  1. The UN establishes a high-profile, legitimate, independent body to champion the case for a post-2015 framework, which acts as focal point for debate and keeps an overview of the options.
  2. Relevant UN agencies lead a meaningful process of consultation and deliberative engagement.
  3. The UNSG takes leadership, establishing high level of ambition and priority to post-2015, with a clear road-map.
  4. An effective post-2015 Task Team / Force provides co-ordination and support, operating in a transparent and pro-poor way.


The following organisations are part of the UN Working Group:

  • American Cancer Society
  • Amnesty International
  • ATD Fourth World
  • Catholic Agency For Overseas Development, CAFOD
  • Coalition 2015
  • Civicus
  • EOTO World
  • GCAP (Co-chair)
  • International Planned Parenthood Federation, IPPF
  • Korea Civil Society Forum on International Development Cooperation, KoFID
  • Retrak
  • Saferworld
  • Save the Children (Co-chair)
  • Stakeholders Forum
  • UN Foundation
  • WaterAid UK
  • World Vision International


  • The UN Working Group put in place and oversaw the process to select Beyond 2015’s suggested civil society representatives to participate in the UN High Level Panel on a post-2015 development framework (you can find more information about this selection process here, here and here).
  • The UN Working Group drafted the letter sent by the campaign’s Executive Committee to the UN Secretary General detailing the above mentioned recommendations (for more information click here and read the letter here).
  • The UN Working Group drafted a letter to the UN Secretary General outlining the campaign's recommendations on the Terms of Reference for the Post-2015 High-Level Panel (see the letter here)

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