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Green development goals - HAND at the Annual Green Gathering of Hungarian NGOs (HAND Szövetség/Hungarian Association of NGOs for Development and Humanitarian Aid)

HAND participated in the Annual Green Gathering of Hungarian NGOs at the end of April in Tokaj to enhance the visibility of Beyond2015.

In this video HAND staff explain what the Beyond2015 campaign is about and why the SDGs are so important, highlighting the so-called green goals related to the SDG framework. 

For more information: http://hand.org.hu/en/news/world_programme_for_the_mankind_s_survival

Briefing on the SDGs organised by Dóchas (Beyond 2015 Lead Agency in Ireland), March 2015

Hans Zomes, Director of Dóchas:

"[The SDGs] is a really important new framework for the world. It's going to set political priorities for the global community about how wer're going to build a better world. It's based on a universality principle which means that it applies to every country on earth[...]"

The Big Picture: Young Children and the Global Development Agenda Consultative Group on ECCD 

Published on Oct 13, 2014

Early Childhood Development (ECD) is an essential component of the new global development framework. Without the best start in life for all children, there is no foundation for sustainable societies. Young children have the right beyond survival to thrive and contribute to sustainable communities and the workforce.
The Sustainable Development Goals provide a unique opportunity to address this gap, building on decades of research showing the lifelong benefits of quality early childhood programs and policies to ensure that a specific focus is placed on the physical, mental and emotional development of young children, their families 
and environment. For more info, see ecdgroup.com and follow  @globaleccdgroup
Inequality doesn´t have to be the future, September 2014

Reducing inequality is one of the most transformative goals proposed for the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals. Watch this video on inequality produced by KepaFinland (in Finnish and Spanish with English subtitles).

Voices for Empowerment, April 2013

A six-day video workshop was followed by a two-day editing workshop in which the participants decided what frames to keep, what to do away with and what shape to give the film. This led to the creation of Beyond 2015 – Voices for Empowerment. The 8:20 minute film is a docu-drama, where the participants recreated scenes of stigma and discrimination they have faced in life and voiced the change they want to see.

To learn more please contact Praxis - Institute for Participatory Practices communications@praxisindia.org. It is a development support organisation specialising in  participatory methods that aim to enable poor and marginalised sections of society to have an active and influential say in equitable and sustainable development. They believe that for development to be  sustainable, the process must be truly participatory. Praxis sees the community as an active participant of change and not as an object of change.

How should inequality feature in a post-2015 agreement?
23 April, 2013

Kevin Watkins, Brookings Institution, arguse that a limitation of the Millennium Development Goals is a neglect of inequality. The targets encouraged a focus on 'low hanging fruit', those people that were easiest to reach. In the run-up to 2015, a great deal of debate has highlighted this neglect and considered the many ways in which inequality might feature in a new global agreement.

Global Consultation on Addressing Inequalities in the Post-2015 Development Agenda, 26 Februrary 2013

Post-Copenhagen briefing for Civil Society. Moderator: Ms. Bani Dugal, Baha'i International Community and Beyond 2015 Coalition

Briefing Speakers:

Ms. Maja Mortensen, Permanent Mission of Denmark to the United Nations
Mr. Richard Morgan, UNICEF
Ms. Saraswathi Menon, UN Women
Ms. Rosa Lizarde, Feminist Task Force, Global Call to Action Against Poverty

Power of vaccines almost equal to primary education, 8 January 2013

Vaccines can help keep children healthy and protect families in the developing world from slipping into poverty, according to Dr Seth Berkley, CEO of the GAVI Alliance, a public-private partnership focused on saving children’s lives and protecting people’s health by increasing access to immunisation in poor countries.  

A decent life for all by 2030, 27 Februrary 2013

Extracts from the joint press conference by Janez POTOČNIK, Member of the EC in charge of Environment and Andris PIEBALGS, Member of the EC in charge of Development

Helen Clark on the social determinants of health, 21 February 2012.

Helen Clark, administrator of the United Nations Development Program, spoke at the Forum at the Harvard School of Public Health on Thursday, January 15.

Clark spoke about addressing social determinants of health, and the need to look at health and environment in the promotion of sustainable development. She also discussed what we can learn from the Millennium Development Goals, which are set to expire in 2015.

The Particiapte initiative, 17 February 2012.

The Participate initiative is providing high quality evidence on the reality of poverty at ground level, bringing the perspectives of the poorest into the post-2015 debate.

DEVE Committee of the European Parliament, 17 December 2012

EU Commissioner and member of the High Level Panel Andris Piebalgs talks about post-2015 at the DEVE Committee of the European Parliament

More videos:

Zambian Voices Beyond 2015, UN, November 2012

In post-MDG debate, gender equality must go mainstream, interview with UN Women’s deputy executive director, John Hendra.

Civil Society - UN Dialogue on Post-2015, New York, 23 September 2012.

Civil society on goals for gender in the Post 2015 Agenda. Interviews to participants to meeting co-convened by UN Women and the Global Gender Equality Architecture Reform (GEAR), September 2012

Message by UN Special Adviser on the Post 2015 Development Agenda, Amina J. Mohammed to the Civil Society Conference on the Post 2015 Development Agenda organised by Beyond 2015, CIVICUS, GCAP, UNGLS and UNMC, 4 September 2012

Future Global Priorities or Beyond 2015, Gorik Ooms,  AIDS 2012 conference, July 2012, Washington. 

2015 and Beyond - a Look at the Post-MDG World, 2012 JCI Global Partnership Summit, New York, 27 July 2012

Crowdsourcing the Post-MDG Agenda, TED Talks, Jamie Drummond, ONE, July 2012

UNICEF Debate - Post 2015: What Next?, Amina Az-Zubair, Naila Kabeer, and Claire Melamed, June 2012

The future face of development: building inclusive growth into a post-2015 framework, ODI, London, June 2012

UN Thematic Consultation: Setting the development agenda beyond 2015, ILO, May 2012

Towards an Ethos of Inclusion - A contribution to the post-2015 development dialogue, Amartya Sen & Olav Kjorven, April 2012

Beyond 2015: A Citizen Driven Agenda, EDDs, December 2011

Fr. John-Patrick Ngoyi speaks at the EDDs, December 2011

General Assembly Development Dialogue Panel Discussion: “Advancing the UN development agenda beyond 2015 (June 2011)

Jan Vandermoortele on the process for a post-2015 global agenda, February 2011

Regina Salvador-Aquiste (ECOWEB) looks beyond 2015, February 2011

Guy Aho Tete Benissan (REPAOC) on honouring commitments and mobilising domestic resources beyond 2015, February 2011

Fr. Ngoyi speaking at a 2011 World Social Forum workshop on Beyond, February 2011




Youth voices part of the post-2015 global agenda, interview with Rainintha "Rain" Siahaan, youth delegate from Indonesia to UN High-Level Panel meeting in London.

What Should Sustainable Development Goals Look Like? (Brookings Institution, New York, May 2012)

A new post 2015 global covenant for development (IDS, London, April 2012)

What Comes After the Millennium Development Goals? – Charles Kenny (February 2012)