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Every organization has an obligation to give back to the community and help those who aren't as privileged. IQ Option believes social responsibility is a core component of business and takes this duty seriously, establishing a dedicated foundation in 2017 to work towards the objective of improving lives.

A charitable foundation is the part of an organization that supplies funding and support for nonprofit associations. IQ Option Charitable Foundation devotes a portion of its profits to donate to deserving social causes. In addition, the platform encourages its users to become generous donors and pitch in to raise the amount.

Mission Statement of IQ Option

IQ Option has made it its mission to benefit underprivileged children around the world, those who don't have the comfort that every child deserves to enjoy. Their conviction is visible from the team of people and special equipment that enables their cause. They have gathered adept professionals with the education, knowledge, and experience necessary to carry out the various projects focusing on implementing solutions in areas of tremendous need.

The company strives to provide everything possible, including money, infrastructure, knowledge, people, and technology. Since the aim is to aid children, IQ Option covers the purchase and supply of school materials, medicines, and clothing. It also spends on the construction and remodeling of schools, orphanages, hospitals, and other such facilities.

IQ Option acts out its commitment in the most direct way possible, without any intermediates. Only experts who are well-versed with each project advise the future actions of the foundation. This ensures projects aren't being carried out in unilateral ways.

Meet the IQ Option Team

Meet the IQ Option Team

The company has deployed qualified people to lead the Charitable Foundation. Below are the key personnel in charge:

Dmitry Zaretsky, President:

As the president of the IQ Option Charitable Foundation, Dmitry is responsible for all actions taken by the group. He wishes the foundation to play a leading role in resolving the various difficulties faced in Africa through active and coordinated efforts of governments, international financial institutions, the business community, and NGOs. His goal for the foundation is aimed at the well-being of the vulnerable communities of the least developed African countries.

Dmitry Zhigalov, Vice President:

The foundation has been provided with a clear set of objectives for improving the lives of the local African communities and ensuring equal education opportunities. Dmitry reassures that with energy, determination, and confidence, the foundation will be able to overcome global hurdles.

Evgeny Tychenko, Secretary:

As part of his responsibilities, Evgeny regularly communicates with the foundation's partners about the local funds. He sees the need and desire for change in Africa. By supporting local charity projects, he believes the foundation can influence the situation from a different continent.

Joan Lopez, Operations Manager - Africa:

Perhaps the most crucial member of the team, Joan, was adamant about Africa being one of the foundation's main focuses. He has lived there and is familiar with the condition of the underprivileged in the country. He has volunteered for several projects with local NGOs and recognizes that it's them who knows the needs of the people the best.

Thus through teamwork and consistent effort, the IQ Option Charitable Foundation is working towards a promising tomorrow.

Projects of IQ Option

IQ Option has had two successful projects resulting from the team working tirelessly. Here are details for the same:

1. Farming and Basket Weaving Project in Rwanda

Farming and Basket Weaving Project in Rwanda

Although children's welfare is a priority for IQ Option Charitable Foundation, the platform ensures that all vulnerable variables are supported. 

The objective of the farming and basket weaving project is to educate women and children in Rwanda, restoring their hope and empowering their dreams. 2018 saw the project being implemented in cooperation with Faith Foundation in Kinigi, Rwanda. 

Through timely classes, women were instructed on how to build strong parenting skills and expand their vocational abilities. Farming and basket weaving was taught as income-generating activities so women could ensure a livelihood to support their families.

Moreover, classes were also conducted for adults to learn how to keep records of purchases, balance their expenses, plan a budget, and choose cost-effective household supplies.

The foundation also provides activities and workshops designed to teach them how to create start-ups. Small, sustainable businesses through which women would be able to increase their income and start saving regularly.

IQ Option had invited four experts to put in efforts towards the goal of a better future for the women of Rwanda. A total of 35 women continuously learned about farming, while 15 women were engaged in basket weaving.

With 10 tones of vegetables produced along with 225 baskets made as a result of the four workshops conducted, the palpable outcomes of the foundation's dedication served to boost the company's enthusiasm to give more.

2. Water Project in Rwanda

Water Project in Rwanda

In 2019, the foundation implemented the water project to raise the standard of living in Kinigi, Rwanda. The founder of Faith Foundation, Faith Uwantege, thought of the idea when coming across children trying to get water from a ditch to take home to their parents after it had just stopped raining. A scene showcasing the effects of not having access to drinking water. To overcome this, Faith asked IQ Option Charitable Foundation to help develop a solution.

Although there was a water source located near the school built by Faith Foundation, only children could drink the water, and that too, solely while school was in session.

With the goal being to satisfy the urgent need of the local community for water, negotiations were made with the local authorities to equip all members with clean drinking water on a regular basis.

Access to clean water gives the means to fight poverty, improving the quality of life drastically. Water allows people to take care of themselves and loved ones, farm, earn an income, and improve their homes.

Two 5000-liter backup water tanks were installed to preserve the resource for the locals in case of a supply cut. The project has succeeded in aiding more than 75 families, giving them access to water. Three days a week, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, adults and children alike come to get water. To aid in transportation, the families were gifted jerrycans.

The project secured a better present and future for the people of Kinigi.

Partnership of IQ Option

IQ Option Charitable Foundation has a dedicated partnership with Faith Foundation. Keeping their ideology of connecting directly without intermediaries is showcased by their devotion to finding a local establishment working towards the same goals.

The Faith Foundation was founded by Faith Uwatenge, who has made it her mission to protect powerless children and women by helping them in any way possible.

While working in Kinigi, she constantly saw vulnerable children at risk without hope for a better future. Faith then made the life-changing decision to save her own salary and aid children not only in Rwanda but all over the globe. To start her journey, she created the Faith Foundation.

The foundation serves women and children coming from disadvantaged families. Some are single parents or widows, while others are too poor to cope with familial or social obligations. Faith aims to restore their hope, empower their dreams, and educate them to build skills for a brighter tomorrow.

“We believe that poverty in childhood is a root cause of poverty in adulthood.” Faith Uwatenge says. 

She works endlessly towards the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty, helping the poorest of the poor, and thus making a significant impact on society.

Ranging from education to healthcare, Faith provides the basic materials to survive for those deprived of it.

IQ Option Charitable Foundation stands with Faith every step of the way, enabling her with whatever help she requires. They are involved in two projects initiated by Faith Foundation, the farming and basket weaving project and the water project, located in Kinigi, Rwanda.



IQ Option invites all its users to donate or volunteer for their charitable projects in association with nonprofit organizations.

Get in touch with the IQ Option Charitable Foundation to assist them as required.

Contact them through their email,, or call them at +35725030677.

Alternatively, you can visit the foundation through their office located at Agiou Athanasiou 33, Yiannis Nicolaides Business CT, Agios Athanasios, 4102, Limassol, Cyprus. You can find a detailed map on the IQ Option Charitable Foundation website

You can also directly volunteer at IQ Option Charitable Foundation's partner, Faith Foundation. They welcome both local and international volunteers as any practical output in the field can help change a life. 

Try raising funds for the same by hosting a gathering or spreading awareness about the valuable work done on social media.

Volunteer with IQ Charitable Foundation to help reach the people in greatest need. Join in to assist in changing the world for the betterment of today's youth. Use your privileges to support those in need by volunteering or donating to the cause!